The Bath

As it did not have lesson in that night, it left the direct work for house, where it passed the night crying, regretful person for having yielded, hating itself, for having if gotten passionate. To put, with the rising of the day, was born in Tnia a hatred, a desire of so strong revenge how much the passion despertada for that man and both the feelings fought between itself, for the space in its heart. It made of the bath, that morning, a ceremony, in the attempt to take off of its body and of its heart, any vestige of homesickness of Valdir, looking for a way of feriz it, if avenging, of humiliates it. It thought about looking for the wife of it and to count what it had happened enters the two, but soon took off this idea of the head, therefore wise person who Valdir would go to find a skill of convinces it that it was lie, spite of a woman rejected for it. Masculinidade thought then about defames it in its, thing that nobody would believe because women more liberal of company that already had if involved with it they would contradict, and worse still, they could to say that, if it failed would have been due to ability of it as woman, what would make to disappear completely what remained of its auto one esteem, strengthening the hypothesis of woman rejected for it. Calmer and conformed it was to work, but determined not to leave that nobody in the company or the school was knowing of its pain, and to facilitate the things, changed the schedule of the course so that it did not have that it finds it. It gave up its diet and it started to lunch in the restaurant of the company with some fellow workers, exactly knowing that Valdir appeared for there of time in when.