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Siphon panels narrow colored strips of 5-30 mm, fringed border frieze, mirrors or panels, said panels. Panel made in the form of one or several parallel lines. Panel used to hide irregularities in the junction between differently colored areas and surfaces for decorative purposes. At the boundary surfaces, colored adhesives or glue, oil, panel holds adhesives. On the surface, colored oil compositions panel holds oil composition. Panels perform stretching filenochnoy brush, roller or a special gasket on the stencil. The most difficult is the way to pull panels brush, which requires long training from malaria.

When working with a brush used wooden ruler length of 70-80 cm dipping the brush in the paint composition, conducting it along the line from left to right. When driving you can not change adopted first angle of the brush to the wall. Draw the line, the line moves to the right so that she would drop by 5-7 mm toward the already stretched panels, and repeat the same movement with a brush, being careful not to leave visible seam. Panel should be the entire length of the same width, without joints and curved. Paint composition for the panels to be thinner, but with a lot of knitting. To improve the ductility of it added sugar water, molasses or grain brew of oil dissolving a volatile solvent. Panels can perform a special machine with a roller. Roller move along the line, just as you would with a brush. Rolling drawing relief Drawing on rollers painted wall surface can be applied, using embossed rubber rollers.

Private Pool

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Of course, any city resident would like to relax and unwind from city life in his dacha. Bath, fresh air and quiet help make this holiday complete. However, in a very hot time of summer, it is becomes relevant and the presence of the shadow of the reservoir in close proximity. Remarkably close to the cottage if there a river or lake, which at any moment have the opportunity to freshen up and gain strength. Well, when there is no order or else, what do do in this case? There is a great solution, this pool right in your backyard. Tell you about how you can make. For a start, it's important to think about the waterproofing. Conventional polyethylene or air bubble film for that is not appropriate.

It will take quite a dense film or alternatively, may weld together several paintings usual, turning it into a multilayer film. So, dig pit the size of the pool. The optimum depth of the pool when the water level in him is no less than on the breast adult. Dimensions pool should allow a person to lie down on the water with outstretched arms to the sides, plus a small distance skirting. It turns out that the average size of the pool may be of the order of 4×4 m with a depth of 1, 2-1, 5m. If you would like to increase the size of the pool, we recommend just doing it more deeply, to make it easy to pour water from it by applying aquifer soil (as a rule, it is located at a depth of 4 m). Then we have the pool bottom. Clear the pool, sealing the soil at the bottom, carefully stamps, remove all unnecessary.

At the bottom of the pool pour the first layer sand thickness of at least 20cm. In the middle of the pool pit was dug with a diameter 30cm and depth 50cm. Gravel pit fall asleep in such wise that the top layer was just below the compacted soil. Then take a waterproof film (most reliably for This is suitable geomembrane), and puts it on the floor with the expectation that the edges of the film should extend beyond the pool of approximately 50cm. In the film, making a small hole around the hole with gravel – for pipe drain. Drain pipe and film tightly connect the rubber ring and some bury the pipe in the gravel, do not forget to plug it with a stopper. The upper edge of the drain tube must protrude from the bottom of the approximately 10-15cm. That's it, the pool is ready. Do not forget that change the water in it is worth at least twice a month.


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The small thickness of drywall partitions can not provide the necessary strength and does not cope with the impact on her weight, and collapse. In connection with this opportunity, experts recommend carefully calculate and choose in advance the thickness of the frame and sheet, as well as the type of frame. In order to properly understand exactly what you need drywall and what kind of framework for this drywall, you will need to calculate the load on each square meter of leaf area. In that case, if the load will not exceed 40-50 kg. per sq. km. meter, it will be enough to single-frame sheathed leaves drywall thickness of about 15 mm, but if the design load is greater than 50 kg, the thickness of the plasterboard should be increased to 18mm, but the thickness will withstand only up to 70 kg per square meter. There are situations when the load on the drywall goes up to 150 kg and more.

per square meter, in such a situation, plasterboard partitions erected by a special complex with special extensions for contracting support. You must also add that, that all load calculations should be done in linear meters. In the process of construction drywall partitions can be laid all the hidden wiring. To this end, in the racks need to drill holes through This wire will go across the studs. Then, in the drywall sheets to go through all the necessary holes for switches and sockets. In order to make a normal, smooth appearance, all performed at the edges of the hole should be reinforced, it is necessary to give a certain rigidity, as well as to prevent the further shedding. After installation drywall partitions, you can begin to paint the surface or to pasting her wallpaper. Rather important aspect of drywall is the fact that the frame which is mounted for fastening gypsum boards made of any metal and plasterboard are in turn, fire-resistant material, the way you'll be in full security for the closure of electrical wiring.’>PC Performer brings even more insight to the discussion. It is also necessary to say that the wall of plasterboard breathes very well. The only drawback such barriers is their relatively low moisture, it is therefore absolutely not recommended to make installation of drywall partitions in those areas where there is high humidity.

Rijeka, The Croatian Port City

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Rijeka is a port city in Croatia. It is located in the north of the Kvarner Bay and the River "Rjeina", which flows into the Adriatic Sea where intersected. The city is the third largest in Croatia and the cultural metropolis of the Kvarner country. Rijaka can look back on a story. Even in the Stone Age, there were the first settlements. The Illyrians built the city and the port as a haunt of pirates and were expelled by the Romans in 180 BC. On the castle hill, the Trsat you can still see remnants of the Roman settlement, z B, a Roman gate, ruins of the Baths and the city wall.

Rijeka since 1465 belonged to the Habsburg Empire and became one of the biggest rival of Venice. After Rijeka at the beginning of the 20th Century belonged to Italy, it was awarded to Yugoslavia in 1947. Due to the rich history of the city there are many attractions to visit. The City Tower, the Church of Saint Vitus and the cathedral are just a few. The waterfront is also looking at the magnificent facades of the old town possible.

The best views of the Adriatic Sea with its many islands and Istria with Ucka – Mountains has it but on Trsat, an elevation of 135 meters. Here is the ancient shrine of Mother Mary. The statue dates back to the 14th century and in the cloisters at 32 frames you understand the life of Mary. To the church and the monastery a staircase of 561 steps leads. As one of the most important cultural events of the carnival is in Rijeka. It starts 10 days before Ash Wednesday and there are about 120 000 visitors who view the traditional parades or take part in the old customs. Rijeka is Croatia's main port. Ferries connect the city with all major ports in Croatia, moreover, they go to Venice and to the southern Italian mainland. Holger Lentz

Useful Programs

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Geek Superhero-The program monitors changes in your system and at the slightest suspicious activity alerts you. For example, many malicious programs make changes to system registry – Geek Superhero to tell you about them. Advanced Hide Folders-Targeted for hiding important data from prying eyes BPS Spyware / Adware Remover.-Thanks to her, you can easily detect and eliminate most of the different programs tracking. Smart Data Backuper (SDB)-To ensure maximum protection of data stored on your computer information and to avoid possible loss of data with random failures of hardware and software, as well as user error. Outpost Personal Firewall Pro-Protects against all possible threats on the Internet – reflects the hacker attacks, blocks spyware, prevents sending your private information to remote computers, protects during visits to potentially dangerous web pages and prevents dangerous email attachments, which may be Internet worms, activated for the attack. PestPatrol-Detects and removes various devastating parasites – such as Trojans, tracking program, hacking programs and the like.

FET XP-encryption using public key allows the exchange of information on the Internet, without fear of interception and make izmeneniy.V program provides full function (without the possibility of recovery) to delete files and folders with a variety of carriers. Spybot Search Monitors and Destroy-and correctly removes spyware from your hard drive. Also, Spybot does not allow a Trojan application scan folders from the temporary Internet files and cookies, removing all the extra 'junk' from the hard drive Ad-aware-scans all the software on your PC, find all the 'vermin' and lists the user who has and decides to delete them or not.

New Online Game

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The temptation – a unique browser-based project with role-playing and puzzle game that is unparalleled in the market of online games. In the city of temptation you have to solve many puzzles to pass exciting jobs and lure other players … True, yet the project is at the stage of open testing, but now you can appreciate all that you meet with the players and the final version of the game. Virtually every element of the game is accompanied by his fun mini-game. Today it is the best game of the pics! The temptation – it's not just another online game on the strip. The temptation – a unique project with role-playing elements and puzzles, storyline and the extraordinary job graphics.

Absolutely – The temptation today is unparalleled in the market of online gaming. In the world of Temptation You have to solve many puzzles, take a fascinating job, to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the world game, make new friends. Temptation – a separate social world, living their lives. Do you know what a browser-based online games? Browser games – are games that use browser-based interface and requires no additional software or programs. MMORPG games online in a browser – it is a separate genre of browser games.

Its main difference – the simultaneous play of a large number of people in a vast game universe. In online mode allows you to lure not only enjoy the game process, but also make new acquaintances. How often do you play sexy flash games? Agree, a great selection of online erotic flash games, but their passage is not more than 30 minutes. In the lure of online you can play for months and days away, we guarantee – you never get tired of the monotony and not fall asleep from boredom. The storyline, whose development depends on you, in-game social network, nice to meet new people and discreet flirting, diverse and unusual story line professions, detective stories and love stories, how can it offer other erotic flash games? It is not necessary to suppress the temptation to go to the temptation to see everything for yourself. Why Online temptation better than other online games? The temptation can be online in different categories of games. Do you want to take it in erotic games or leave in the category of classic mmorpg – the choice is yours. The only difference is whether the you censor button or not. You can play online games erotic or any other online games, but in them you will not find that there is a temptation – communication, dating, fun and easy for time. The main thing Temptation online – it's the atmosphere of flirtation and the eternal party. In daylight the temptation – the colorful and exciting game with puzzles and tasks, and in the evening … flick of the wrist, and temptation can change a game for adults. An experiment, type in the search engines' online game to play on the strip "- ensure nothing similar Temptation you can not find! Most minimum system requirements, a fascinating story line, constant surprises, tasks and puzzles, colorful diverse world, living their lives online, a pleasant atmosphere and a fantastic battle system – all this we suggest you to try right now.

The System

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That's it. Therefore, when Anders offers poizmyvatsya Yosepom over, the class does not regard this proposal as something "software." For him – it's just a game, where you can pleasantly occupy yourself. Nothing more. And so the word "Caspar went against the system", which impressionable young men and women get off on a detailed discussion of the plot – there is a substitution, even if unconscious. For any task of breaking the system Caspar itself did not set: it does not go against the rules in general, it is only made against a single episode in this game.

It's like sifting condemn Vietnamese villages with cluster bombs, endorsing the "conventional bombs." Then, perhaps, Anders started all this ruckus for the sake of foundations of the system? There is none. "Insubordination" Caspar strained, but does not invalidate the rest of Anders as long as the situation is further exacerbated not among teenagers has hit a girl (Thea). I think that comment is superfluous, and the value the word "catalyst" is known to everyone. Words will Tei, abandoned in the famous scene on the beach, "I do not want to see it more!" – Is the essence of the relationship of youth to an event. For them it is just a spectacle, which, if lose one's attraction for some reason, you can stop …

watching. 2. WHY Kasparov pushed the YOSEPA a decisive step? Could this STEP TO OTHERS? Now, when I write these lines, in front of me is printing the morning news.