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The Degree

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With the Internet it is not necessary to limit to periodicals and weekly magazines, beyond that the WWW net can be richer in information of that the great press. (Zarth, 2003. P. 12) the Internet must all be used in way of dynamic form and exploring its potential interactive. They must? if to use the potentialities of the net in such a way to place educating in situation of study and the research, how much for development of interactive activities that have an end and a process in itself as the idealizao and the maintenance of blogs. For in such a way the use of in minium, one, laboratory of computer science in the pertaining to school space becomes essential.

The use of new technologies guided well enriches practical the pedagogical ones very, bringing for innumerable comparison and visualization social contexts, through ' ' Some clicks' ' is clearly of the interaction, proposal more attractive of the net. Interesting for the educator and educating they go to be the deriving results of the interactions gifts in this field of knowing, that soon another field will be leagued, and to another one, and another one. One perceives that the interdisciplinaridade and the Internet in pertaining to school scope, walk for the complementation lend. pedagogical interdisciplinaridade as practical allows the use of a methodology of the education of the arts that possesss boardings from the imagtico universe: The triangular methodology. History and the art, as component curricular, establish starting points of different objects of study for different areas of the knowledge.

The inverse one also happens everything will depend on the degree of the capacity of mental expansion of the team to multidiscipline of pedagogical support. Much of the success of the teams to multidiscipline depends on the available time destined to the planning, the exchange and the quarrel of ideas. The assembly of the picture of professors, the pedagogical coordination, the pedagogical orientation, and the direction of the school composes the base of a team to multidiscipline of support.


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He does not advance objective terms of marketing and goals defined for our site, if the visitors do not obtain to find what they want or they do not obtain to execute an important action, will not be capable to fulfill those objectives. A site of easy navigation must follow the following essential principles: 1 – The main menu and the options must accurately appear of consistent form in all the pages and in the same local. 2 – The great pages of the site must have links for the top, so that the users do not need to all cover the way in return until the top to find links of navigation. 3 – Secondary menus, to allow that the users glimpse what they go to find inside of one definitive area. 4 – A Map of the Site must supply a general vision of the structure of the site. 5 – Links of navigation to allow that the users know where (where page) is.

6 – For the great sites, with many information, products or services a box of search (research) of easy is essential access so that the people can find easily what they look for. A box of research of the one value of high usability to the site. It knows that any desenvolvedor web that it does not use a box of research in a great site has an enormous possibility to fail. 7 – To use links of text. If it does not have to use icons because the people need to remember. It is good a practical one to use the words keys that are also the search terms. Spiders (robots) of the search engines cannot read the icons, for another one ' ' gostam' ' much of text. 8 – All links of navigation and contextual must be tested, using tools online, to guarantee that they are functioning correctly, thus bringing the visitors for the correct page.


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Motas also is part of the game, but little they make for the game not to be for its appearance. You police them, that they had had important papers in the previous series, are calmer in Test Drive Unlimited. The law alone if becomes a problem when causes accidents in series and, in the alert maximum police, it sweep the streets of the city it finds until you. In the way online pods to take a walk for the island, where it is possible to find other corridors online and to invite them for a race. For the races online pods you to construct to the track, choosing the streets where you intend to run, or established seno you will be able to always run the track already in the game. The appearance of Test Drive Unlimited is well competent, but it extremely does not arrive to be realistic.

Oahu was recriada with an excellent number of details and the variety of scenes distinguishes great urban centers, coastal villages and residential quarters. A little strange is absence of people. Same the personages of the missions are represented by icons and the player does not see the body, only sees the face in the animation that precedes the mission. Although the HDR effect, that simulates superexposition of light when it is looked at for the sun, for example, does not have climatic variations with exception of a cloudy sky that influence in the illumination of the track. The interiors of the store and houses also are shaped well, but very equal. The game is strengthenn to give air of individuality to the personages with different tones of voice. If to prefer something beyond the snore motor them, Test Drive Unlimited offers a virtual radio with about 30 musics and some known names as Queens of the Stone Age.ConclusoTest Drive Unlimited fulfills what it promises and places the series in a promising way. It is a new subgenus inside of the race simulators, that capture the freedom of the exploration games and that it establishes the way online and to single-player in shining and unknown way. Exactly for the shy ones, that they prefer to run against the clock, to see corridors real to speed up to the side when taking a walk for the streets of Oahu it increases the immersion considerably, exactly that the direco system, mainly of motas, is not very realistic.

Antonio Carlos Gil Seabra

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It can be developed devices that can be operated by remote control by a surgeon in the accomplishment of surgical procedures in the corporal sockets, as well as can be handled traditional surgical instruments through robotizados surgical instruments. Telemonitorao? It is where they are registered given of a patient who will be placed in analysis, alert interpretation and, including the cardiac monitoramento through the telephonic line. Through the telemonitoramento the doctor can analyze in house, through a microcomputer the vital parameters of the patients interned in UTI. virtual Comunidades? They are groups that use technologies of the Internet, such as: e-mail, list of quarrels, newsgroup small farms, with the purpose to argue clinical cases of varied medical specialties, reflecting its experiences and opinions techniques, these small farms also are known as vestibules of the Internet. 2,4 COMPONENTS USED IN the TELECIRURGIA Figure 01 – Component of the telecirurgia system.

Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 02 – Tool master, operated for the telecirurgio. Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 03 – enslaved Tool, tele-operated for the telecirurgio. Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 04 – System of teleoparao used in the HMSL. Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 05 – System of teleoparao used in the HMSL. Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 06 – Surrounding of simulation for the developed telecirrgicas tasks in the model.

Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 07 – Environment of simulation for the telecirrgicas tasks. Source: Seabra (2003) As she was seen in figures 01 the 07 exist a infinity of mechanisms used in the teleconferncia, serving as tool master in the operation of a telecirurgia, where the movements foresee one to assist gift in the surgical field. 3 METHODOLOGY the methodology was used to reach the longed for objective, will count on the use of the exploratria research, being adopted the qualitative boarding, by means of bibliographical research. The reason for which this type of instrument will be chosen, happens of the concept explicitado for Antonio Carlos Gil: The bibliographical research is developed from elaborated material already, mainly constituted of books and scientific articles.

Virtual Reality

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The virtual reality makes possible a learning through trips the places never visited, either for the physical impossibility or in the distance geographic. The technologies of Virtual Reality meet currently in evolution. In this context, it in such a way has diverse segments in the architecture, education, medicine that are using the Virtual Reality as tool of I assist to the work. 2 VIRTUAL REALITY According to Silvano (2000), the term Virtual Reality mentions a imersiva and interactive experience to it based in generated graphical images 3D in real-time for computer. The quality of this experience in RV is crucial, therefore it must stimulate to the maximum and of creative and productive form the user – the necessary reality to react of coherent form to the movements of the participant, being become the consistent experience. The main objective of this new technology is to make with that the participant enjoys of a sensation of presence in the virtual world, giving immersion notion.

This immersion can be total or partial, depending on the used equipment level and white environment. The RV systems if differentiate as the levels of immersion and proportionate interatividade to the user. The levels are determined by the types of devices of entrance and exit of data of the environment, of the speed and capacity of the computer houses that it. According to Netto (2002), the RV systems can be classified as: RV of simulation, RV of projection, Enhanced or Increased Reality, Telepresena, Displays Visually Connected and RV of Table. The RV of simulation corresponds to the type oldest, originated with the simulators of flight developed by the American military after World War II. A system of RV of this type imitates the interior of an car or airplane, placing the person in a cabin with controls.