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Third Worldwide Encounter

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Several ayseninos are participating from the 1 of October in Temacapuln, Mexico, in the Third World-wide Encounter of Affected by Represas " Rivers for the Vida" that it will be developed until the 7 of this month in the Aztec locality. The trip of the delegation composed by Pamela Diaz, Hiplito Medina and Loyal Daniela was possible thanks to the confluence of efforts of International Rivers, the Citizen Coalition Aysn Reserve of Life, the NGO Ecosystems and the Grouping Wall Mapu of Aysn Port, to those who add Victor Formantel, Victor Hugo the Go’mez and Karem Cajales, who also concurred to the encounter. By means of the installation of positions of exhibition and delivery of material the participants will spread in such instance the threats that are hung over the Region of Aysn, in the Chilean Patagonia, by the projects of dams and electrical laying that as much HidroAysn as Austral Energy glide to construct in the zone, in which it sees itself like the beginning of the outpost of intervention of great part of the rivers of the zone. They will take the opportunity to interchange experiences and strategies to defend the territories and communities, since in the encounter will participate thousands of representatives of 64 countries. Within those who have visited stand includes the invetigador Patrick McCully, author of the book " Silenciados&quot rivers;. One hopes that to his return they share his experience with the settlers of the region.

Temacapuln is a locality located to the north of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, where 600 people live. It was chosen as it soothes of the Third World-wide Encounter of Affected by Represas " Rivers for the Vida" , that International Rivers organizes, when being threatened next to the towns of Acasico and Palmarejo- by the flood of the dam the Zapotillo, that projects the Mexican State, to supply from water to the city of Leon, Guanajuato. This would mean the complete relocation of the three towns. On the general concept of I center, Victor Go’mez expressed that " the objective is to generate a global dialogue on the problematic ones of dams in world, and simultaneously to integrate to the different organizations and groupings around the defense from his comunidades". Original author and source of the article.

Brazil Flood

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Brazil suffers to innumerable problems related with the inaquality preconceptions, lack of chance amongst others. However when the rain time arrives, the population in general has its eyes directed toward another serious problem: floodings. Programs of implantation of you alert against floods, incentive the integration of the society in the problem and even though the strategical replacement of these people would be forms to brighten up this reality. The implantation of you alert against floods could tranquilize or to alert such families for the eminent risk of flooding, since measured more efficient they are not taken, however this would not be the best exit, therefore it does not decide the problem completely. The population in general does not have will choose to if to move for houses that can later be reached for floods, the sped up urbanization and baseless it encloses many areas, the replacement of situated people in the risk areas would be a sensible and efficient measure. The auto cost in turn discourages the government, this subverte the importance of the measure. However the biggest solution to change such reality is the awareness of all and successively a social mobilization as the garbage collection that occur, however the society not it of the o due value. When using areas throughout rivers not only finish harming the ecosystem, but itself same. At last taxes are paid, alert are given, however house time more we see houses unscrupulous of deaths and losses due floodings. This reality will remain between us for much time until provides to be taken and the population in turn to be conscientious and less comodista, seeing everything to sink of crossed arms.


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f) Playful aspects: * to verify if it offers realistic situations related to the content to be developed, of natural and playful form; * if it allows that the pupil perceives that the specific content is working. g) Psicopedaggicos aspects: * if the game, of some form, motivates the questioning, stimulates the fancy and the curiosity. If you would like to know more then you should visit Atmos Energy . h) Feedback: * when the pupil erra, to verify if feedback is pleasant and not constrangedor; * if the answers are verified correctly, making possible a positive reinforcement at adequate moments; * if feedback emitted allows that the pupil reflects on its error and tries corrigiz it without ostensive intervention of the professor. i) Performance of the Pupil: * to verify if the game it offers feedback of the progress of the pupil during its use and if it offers a summary of its global performance, in the end of its use. j) Exercises: In case that the game offers exercises during its use, the following aspects can be verified * if the statements allow that the pupil understands what he is being asked for; * if it has a relation enters the activities/plays carried through during the considered game and exercises.

The Prices

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It is possible that now it is obtained, which has not been obtained by means of the confrontations of classes. The social ecologists take to decades indicating this circumstance. The global movement by climatic justice also has been noticed of this opportunity. Lamentably others, with different intentions also have realized. It is added to us, that the great groups of being able are perfectly abreast of the possible social consequences of the climatic change. The system is in one of its cycles of crisis, we remember: 2008 crises of the prices of foods, 2009 crises of markets, 2010 environmental crises.

The resilience of the capitalist system this jeopardizes, its survival this in game. Atmos Energy may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The hegemonic groups are not going to resign to their privileges to solve the problem. They, in an attitude kamikaze, rush themselves hurried to the fatal destiny, and to his myopic she sentences us attitude to all. The neoclassic dogma is so deeply ingrained in its minds, that truly think that this situation can be solved without radical changes. It is not necessary to despise the faith that " society occidentalizada" it has in his Gods: all-powerful science and the efficient market. The dogma says that they will offer the solution us. This is a dangerous illusion, Griffon adds to us, that with respect to the climatic change two levels exist that we must discuss and face. In a first level we must establish clearly what is the direct person in charge of the problem.

In this case he is not other that world-wide the economic system. This system manages to reduce to all the people to simple consumers, not knowing this way inherent complexities any human being. Within the framework of the neoclassic logic, the complexity of the human being is reduced to a well-known morisqueta as Homo economicus and is assumed that the material needs of the society are infinite, reason for which the market must offer infinites products.

Cleaning Monitor LCD

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The LCD monitor is a delicate super part and demands cares in the hour of its cleanness. With passing of the use time if it accumulates in the monitorial dust, spots of finger and remaining portions of fat and saliva that consequentemente fall on the screen. to get rid itself of a dirty screen is necessary to follow some regrinhas and details that are super important, only look at: The first thing that you must give attention is in relation to the cloth that goes to use to clean its monitor of LCD, is certifyd of that it does not free lints, the ideal is the flannels antistatic, however if you not to want to buy you can use these flannels that come the eyeglasses together with, you know? They also function to make the cleanness of its monitor LCD. She certifys myself of that if the monitor is off and pass this dry cloth to only take off the dust thicker than this over the monitor. After this you can take off the spots of fingers and fats that are on the screen, for this use the isoproplico alcohol, but it has wet the flannel with the alcohol and alone later pass on the monitor, never wall lamp the product directly in the screen and it opts to products that are not of spray. These products in spray that some people pass directly in the screen, this making a mistake because the laterals of its monitor LCD are not forbidden and in such a way, if to drain some drop of water or the product for inside its monitor will have serious problems, therefore all the specialists recommend that pass the product to you in the flannel and rub very with well-taken care of the flannel on the monitor to take off all the spots of fat and dust. It never uses napkins, paper towel or hygienical paper to make the cleanness, therefore beyond not cleaning correctly still it leaves residues on the screen.