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Telephonic Company

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The case was so serious that until the used material it was gives to disappear completely. Thus, in protest the inhabitants of Itabaiana demanded that Mr. Deoclides restored the service telephonic, since the city needed the services. Alleging that other cities of lesser importance made use of the telephone, then because Itabaiana could not usufruct of so important vehicle of communication, since it was avultada by other goods of the progress. In this scene the vicar of the city, the priest has basic paper Freitas, who directed the inhabitants end to demand a solution of the proprietor of the Telephonic Company of Sergipe. However, in read documents I did not obtain to find the outcome of the case of the telephone in the city.

Another problem with regard to communication was the case of the postal service. The luggages of the correspondence were not directed directly for the capital, were sent for Laranjeiras, were two days there the wait of the trains to be dispatched the Aracaju, for being deliver for particular, the correspondences were smuggled. Therefore, the delay and the contraband brought damages for the commerce and the proper post office. Claims and order to mount in the city a postal service direct between the capital were registered telling the archaic one benefit. One evidences that the city although to have obtained advances in some sectors, others were completely insufficient to take care of the population, as the illumination that still at this moment was supplied for particular, Mr.

Manoel Vieira Grandson, and moved the vapor come from the firewood, it only functioned during night until the twenty and four hours. According to Mr. Bartolomeu (2003), ' ' the local one was a cotton plant, had an engine there that it generated the light up to twelve hours, who directed this motor one was Z de Nacum. Of half night in ahead the staff to use to advantage restinho of the party it lit the light of caborete, with a bad one I smell, the fire vermelho' ' (PEIXOTO, 10/01/2003).

Biological Development

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The biological development is not independent of the social one and this is not separate of the intellectual. In the highest point, all are related. The human being is a unit and nothing it happens separately.

So that if it understands the development in the scope I practise makes if necessary to carry through an integrated reading of its multiple factors, conceiving the human being in its biological, social and affective globalidade. The Psychology of the development studies the human development in all the aspects: motor, intellectual, social and affective physicist, since the birth until the adult age, that is, in the age where if he reaches the maturity in all the aspects. For this reason the psychology of the development has as objective understanding of the evolution of its intelligence, affection and social relationship, of its birth until its death. Having as purpose to discover forms of mensurar, evaluating and to interpret the mental organization. FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE DEVELOPMENT HEREDITARY SUCCESSION: the genetic load establishes the potential of the individual, that can or not develop itself; ORGANIC GROWTH: the physical aspect is mentioned to it; MATURITY NEUROFISIOLOGICA: it is what it becomes possible definitive standard of behavior; HALF: it is the set of you influence and ambient stimulations that modify the standards of behavior of the individual. ASPECTS OF THE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT PHYSICAL ENGINE: the organic growth is mentioned to it to the neurofisiolgica maturation, the capacity of manipulation of objects and exercises of the proper body; INTELLECTUAL: it is the thought capacity; AFFECTIVE: he is to feel; SOCIAL: it is the way that the individual reacts ahead of situations that involve other people.

Roofing Decking

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ROLE cultural features in the perception of color and linguistics at the culture of different peoples emotional and applied the color perception different, and due to the long historical tradition in the country, society and nation. Hence, different perceptions, for example, white and black (mourning or joy – from culture to culture, religion). Since the specific language and culture is accumulated in a particular historical experience of people of color representation in different people different things. Thus, in Russian, Ukrainian, for example, Polish, there are two separate words blue and light blue. In Unlike many other Germanic languages, in which a range of colors corresponding to part of the spectrum is covered by a single symbol, like English blue (Wed. it. blau and fr. bleu).

A similar system tsvetooboznacheniya blue-and-blue colors accepted in virtually all Slavic languages. This is due to the fact that our ancestors lived and grew as a nation among the brightest of nature by developing agriculture, the early start to lead a sedentary way of life, which was the basis of their own homes surrounded by beautiful scenery. Forests, fields, flowers, rivers, seas, abundance of fruits and vegetables, bright climate – all require their own names and definitions. Related to this is a rich vocabulary of designation of colors among the Slavic peoples. Exactly so long since color had to have a much greater importance than for other nationalities.

Even in the most distant inhabitants of the Ukrainian village tend to decorate the walls of the house, make a bright woodwork every year repaint the old tin roofs. With the development of advanced technologies become available to people Roofing Decking, in particular metal, which in recent years, a real boom. Industrial group "Arsenal" – leader in the production of this material in Ukraine, a separate emphasis on the retail, that is, private developers. Formed a broad sales network in Ukraine: 46 branches and 800 offices.

The Disequilibrium

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That is, if it will be able to act on the knowledge object to insert it in a reception system. – From deriving results of its biological research, Piaget concluded that all the species inherit two basic trends: organization and adaptation. – Organization – combination, ordinance, recombination, reordenao of behaviors and thoughts in coherent systems. – Adaptation – the people also inherit the trend of if adaptarem to its environment. the adaptation engloba two basic processes: assimilation and room. – According to Piaget, to organize, to assimilate and to accomodate can be seen as a complex act of stabilization. It affirms that the changes effective in the thought occur due to a equilibrao process. – To apply a specific project to one determined situation and this to function, then exists such balance, but if the project not to produce a result satisfactory then exists the disequilibrium.

Therefore we are in constant process of assimilation and room and with this our dumb thought and progresses continuously. – Other essential factors for the cognitivo development: maturation and social interaction. Maturation? if it relates to the cognitivas functions. Social interaction – interchange of ideas between people. Here, the interaction with other people makes with that it has a disequilibrium in relation the knowledge physical and logical? mathematician. When the thoughts of the child enter in conflict with the thoughts of another child or same with an adult, it will start then to question its thoughts.

– The development of the individual is initiated in the intrauterine period and goes until the 15 or 16 years. Piaget says that the embryology human being also evolves after the birth, creating more complex structures each time. The construction of intelligence of -, therefore in successive stages, with increasing complexities, chained some to the others. To this Piaget it called ' ' construtivismo seqencial' '. According to Piaget, the development of the express reasoning if in the following stages: Sensrio? engine (0-2 years) Pr? operational (2-7 years) Operacional concrete (7-11 years) Operacional deed of division (11-adult) – Piaget believed that all the people passed accurately for the same periods of training in the same order.

Genetic Engineering

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Initially it will not be necessary to place itself in a defensive situation, in relation to that if it relates to the transgnicos. Currently we try significant advances in some sectors of the cattle bovine, either it of cut or milk, or of commercial position or chickens it abates for it, in the transgnicas vaccine production from the alfalfa or of genetic markers that they search to identify gens melhoradores and many they are happened of the transgenia. But also situations exist where the hand of the man, promotes of indirect form the natural transgenia, in the specific case, animal improvement. It does not make use of resources technician and nor of laboratories. The nature is the great laboratory.

The transgenia (Transgenia is the insertion, in the genome of a receiving organism, through techniques of Genetic Engineering, one or more gotten genes of different individuals, that they can be of the same species of the receiving individual, or of different species.), in the reality comes advancing of form sped up in branch of the food production. Opposing the catastrophic forecasts regarding the English shepherd of the Church continental Anglicana, Thomases Malthus, in case that they did not come to occur no type of significant natural disaster, wars or epidemics, as controlling elements of the population growth to each 25 years, would not have foods enough to feed this population that grew in geometric progression, while the food production in arithmetical progression. That is to each 25 years much people would have that to die. Shepherd of the anglicano apocalypse. The transgenia appeared to give certain dose of tranquillity in relation to the food lack.

In contrast it advances of coherent form and insurance in this question. Currently the transgnicos exist contrary positions to all what concerns and this has a considerable value. The measure that exists responsible positions contradictory and with logical basement and concrete, is prevented exageros and forces the commitment with the ethics and the environment.

The Bath

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As it did not have lesson in that night, it left the direct work for house, where it passed the night crying, regretful person for having yielded, hating itself, for having if gotten passionate. To put, with the rising of the day, was born in Tnia a hatred, a desire of so strong revenge how much the passion despertada for that man and both the feelings fought between itself, for the space in its heart. It made of the bath, that morning, a ceremony, in the attempt to take off of its body and of its heart, any vestige of homesickness of Valdir, looking for a way of feriz it, if avenging, of humiliates it. It thought about looking for the wife of it and to count what it had happened enters the two, but soon took off this idea of the head, therefore wise person who Valdir would go to find a skill of convinces it that it was lie, spite of a woman rejected for it. Masculinidade thought then about defames it in its, thing that nobody would believe because women more liberal of company that already had if involved with it they would contradict, and worse still, they could to say that, if it failed would have been due to ability of it as woman, what would make to disappear completely what remained of its auto one esteem, strengthening the hypothesis of woman rejected for it. Calmer and conformed it was to work, but determined not to leave that nobody in the company or the school was knowing of its pain, and to facilitate the things, changed the schedule of the course so that it did not have that it finds it. It gave up its diet and it started to lunch in the restaurant of the company with some fellow workers, exactly knowing that Valdir appeared for there of time in when.