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Managing Director

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Many years of experience in the area of stainless steel connection elements makes the UW system partner to the reliable partner of Wuppertal, January 10, 2012 – Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & co. KG in Wuppertal has integrated their entire procurement process in a quality management system. The focus is the control and optimization of the supply chain. It aims to examine the procurement of stainless steel fasteners from the outset at the manufacturers site to optimize and fully document the entire procurement process. So the producers are evaluated each according to different qualifications and product requirements, then offered an ideal price-performance ratio for WASI customer requirements. Also secure professionals in our own laboratories in Wuppertal, Germany in chemical, physical, and optical test methods the consistent quality of stainless steel fasteners, which virtually eliminates a goods receipt inspection for the customers. Producers and suppliers are audited WASI experts check the manufacture of stainless steel fasteners in the context of process audits already on-site. So WASI can always make sure an optimal product on delivery time, costs and availability for individual requirements, such as special fasteners.

A high degree of collateral WASI also provides for product prices and availability of goods. Our worldwide network of suppliers, large quantities and our many years of experience at weltmarkt – and Exchange-based material purchasing minimize risks for the customers by WASI and always guarantee optimum availability’, Dirk keels Dunsche, Managing Director of Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & co. KG has. together. Product range WASI norm reflects concentrated know-how reflected WASI has with the product range WASI NORM a particularly broad and deep range of stainless steel fasteners. As a system partner for stainless steel connection technology, WASI bundles the know-how and manufacturing expertise from more than 300 manufacturers, therefore can support technical point of contact of the company with their broad expertise from planning to delivery of connectivity.

Neuwieder Strasse

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Of the world’s leading winter tyre specialist and inventor of the winter tyre of Nokian Tyres tests his tyres in extreme conditions on Scandinavian snow and ice the homeland of the Nokian Hakkapeliitta, of the most famous winter tire in the world, is the North. On Scandinavian snow and ice, the leading winter tyre specialist of the world of Nokian tyres from Finland his tyres in extreme conditions and at highest speeds tests for years. You can feel his great experience and good know-how in all its tires. Nokian tyres is the inventor of the winter tyre and 1934 brought the first winter tires on the market. Two years later, the Hakkapeliitta was born in the winter of the North and now celebrates its 75sten birthday.

Today, the world’s most famous winter tyre is a legend in all areas with snow and ice. Also the tires that are tailored to the milder German climate will benefit from the high level of competence in the development of the Hakkapeliitta specially: the new Nokian WR D3, and A3. The Nokian WR winter tires is the test winner in a winter tire test 2011 sports car with highly recommended in the White hell in Ivalo, 300 kilometres north of the Arctic circle. Nokian tyres is the only tire manufacturers in the world, which focuses on the needs of customers in the conditions of the North and designed products for them. Tires for the tire change cheap as winter complete wheels on wheels are available at the on-site tire service. Nokian Tyres GmbH phone: 0911/52 755 0 fax: 0911/52 755 29 E-Mail: Neuwieder Strasse 14 90411 Nuremberg photos Nokian photo 265 caption: Nokian Hakkapeliitta, the most famous winter tires in the world, now celebrates its 75sten birthday photo: Nokian Tyres editorial: Dr. Falk Kohler photos downloads: HKPL75 video and more info: hakkapeliitta75 video link winter tyre specialist Nokian tyres of leading the world as a leading winter tyre specialist of the world and the only tyre manufacturer Nokian Tyres focus on products and services, which facilitate the people safe driving under Nordic conditions.

V-locity 2.0 By Diskeeper Corporation

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IT savings potential in the public sector UK London, October 27, 2010 – Diskeeper Corporation Europe today announced that V-locity 2.0, the gain for virtual platforms, improved the business computer usage and strengthens the IT virtualization in the UK by a more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly IT is offered to the public sector. “Jennifer Scott by IT Pro represents in a recent article of executives from VMware claim the UK is one of the top adopters when it comes to virtualisation technology”, the view that Britain in the introduction of virtualization solutions lead the market. You can read the full article on the website IT Pro: UK leads Europe in virtualisation adoption IT PRO. Given the recent budget decisions in the public sector of Britain’s virtualization solutions in the current economic climate will continue to gain importance. LEGO Papert Professor may find this interesting as well. V-locity 2.0 has been designed for virtual environments develops and makes Windows systems faster, reliable, energy-efficient and long-lasting – all important issues in the current economic climate.

V-locity 2.0 is a new gain designed specifically for virtual platforms. V-locity 2 optimizes all Windows guest operating system on the VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V platforms unobtrusively in the background. New in V-locity 2.0: the groundbreaking IntelliWrite prevents fragmentation technology and was originally introduced with Diskeeper performance software. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is actively involved in the matter. With the help of IntelliWrite writes V-locitiy files on disk and prevents up to 85% of possible fragmentation before it is created. The most important properties of V-locity 2.0: With V-locity 2.0 a new product designed for virtual environments, which includes not only de fragmentation functions, but synchronized, the complex and ongoing activity between the host and multiple guest operating system in a virtual environment. V-locity 2.0 prevents the Bloating”virtual hard disks and restores this important storage resources available. This wasted space arises when virtual disks on dynamic growth are set, but are no longer small, if users or applications remove data. th analysis.

Benefits Of E-commerce

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Today can be called the motto of this phrase as 'electronic commerce'. Of course, has not disappeared by such world trade directories as Otto or Quelle, but they have already started to strongly press the Internet. So what's all the same an online trading? If we take the simplest example, it's pretty easy to explain. Unwound firm erects itself badsome site (online store). The whole this site is from product catalog, which promotes, betraying the company. The buyer is looking map, photo goods, the cost, if it all settles, then transferred to the special page ban.

Option boards are likely to rather rigidly posed by this firm, however, sometimes given a choice. enough to make you prepay, pay bills, shipping costs, all of this restriction will depend on you. provided by the auction method can be dubbed an electronic 'because, exactly a choice and search needful product you are right in the network. this is awfully convenient and superb technology purchase. Just live and the second, more complex schemes of business, crawled on the Internet, which characterized in one indivisible name 'E-commerce'.

Trade in goods came really very long. Yes forging process is not on site, to any day care and support improves. any seller hungers to bring personal goods to a potential buyer, learn the selection and purchase of goods is much more favorably and rapidly. Over a century lapsed befall a real boom. During this period of close have enormous supermarkets, shops, self-catering, selling through catalogs, trade in goods with the phone, and more. actual sale of goods over the phone in the escalation idea, the creation of a purely Online store. Now, unfortunately, unbearable to say who first suggested this idea, as the establishment of business in the global network, so it's safe to proveschat that What a wonderful idea liking, just and healthy businesses and consumers (buyers). You can ask such a problem: "What is covered by the benefits of purchasing goods in online shops?" The most important advantage – this is how such a store is open 24 pores day, and without interference to dinner and gala. Second, this is pure products, which are presented in online directories can purchase any interested person, from any city. Even possible to bargain in a second country, and it happens sort of quite thick, so pure in one country this good may seem typical, everyday, and in the latter country exotic. The third – the goods in this shop can browse zdorovuschee of Luda. As significantly, though service online store not going to work. Only need to attach the goods, sell what you collect, as well as, where appropriate, make a fool consultation. Overhead spending in this store is much smaller than ordinary stores and from companies which sell products close later catalogs. Fourth, it is as if the initial contribution to a such store will also be negligible, especially considering the fact that Now you can buy ready-made platform for a limited torgovel and ordered the development of trading platform from scratch with programmers.

Brilliant Color Technology

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Now even more economical thanks Sirnach new ink tanks, 30 January 2013 with the VIPColor VP485 comes one of the most advanced color label printer for professional use on the market. Is among the fastest and most professional systems on the market. He can print prepunched and endless labels. Thanks to a sensor detects the printer where the labels start or stop. This works the VP485 with black marks with both endpoints (gaps). There are a high number of labels available, which can be used with this printer. The printed result convinces the inserted print from HP.

The labels have a very high water resistance. In contrast to some other color printers the VP485 with large ink tanks designed, representing a higher savings for the user. Each cartridge can be replaced separately. Exceptionally low printing costs can be achieved in this way. Convince yourself of the quality and order a free sample. Ask also for calculating the cost of printing. Her Contact person in the Switzerland: Sergio Switzerland GmbH commercial centre TWS 8370 Sirnach 071 898 00 00 more info: vipcolor-vp485-printer-basic color label printer printer labels separate ink cartridges colour p-48811.html watch?

Lohse Fasihi

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Innovation award of Rheinland-Pfalz, ISO-9001 certification and new customers the Ludwigshafen-based IT company Fasihi GmbH looks back on a successful year. Outstanding event was undoubtedly the Innovation Prize 2011 of Rheinland-Pfalz (prize of the Minister of Economic Affairs) for innovative applications and processes the information and communication technologies. Moreover, a high level of quality and customer orientation certified according to ISO 9001 company certification. The year was rounded off by attracting new customers and orders. The company celebrated winning the Innovation Prize together with Ludwigshafen’s Mayor, Dr. Eva Lohse and other guests.

Lohse was proud that a company from their city has received a prize so highly doped. In addition the Fasihi GmbH was also regional acknowledged and for the innovation award 2011/12 of “IT-book Rhine Main Neckar” nominated (Darmstadt). She was one of seven companies, the it in the ‘finale’ the best IT companies from this Region did. Saeid Fasihi: “all these achievements show us that we are with the continuous development of our portal solutions for information and communication on the right track.” Fasihi participated also one with experts from industry and universities occupy top-class Panel discussion on the topic “challenge IT professionals: there is much to be done, who tackle it?” at the Chamber of Commerce in Darmstadt. The first user day for employees which BASF SE, the largest customer, was a success. Over 80 users from the world’s largest Cemieunternehmen accepted the invitation and were able to learn about innovations and convince the customer orientation. Due to the large response, more user days are planned – also for other customers in the future. Ten years of portal technology, new customers and orders ten years portal technology – that was an important milestone for the company in the year 2011. Today, programmers have developed during this time about 100 specialties, which can be used in the portal products.

Wood Chips and Geogrids

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The new technology uses wood chips, which is placed on the geogrid. The use of geogrids can redistribute the load to a large footprint and increase the bearing capacity of pavement coating. During the construction of an experimental plot in the woods visited all the project participants, the leadership of the Forestry Institute, representatives of enterprises road construction. After a series of passes on the pilot section of road 37-ton truck design decision proved to be effective. Strengthening the subgrade polyester geogrid significantly reduces the amount of earthwork, reduces labor, speeds up production and reduce construction costs.

The use of geogrids allows for uniform precipitation of subgrade. Not many dare to Similar experiments using geogrids, following the instincts of the old ways safer, but progress is moving forward. But there are those who develops innovative methods. As you know, all the new perceived with difficulty. To check and study of innovation, geosynthetics in construction of forest roads are best to go by experimentation and learn from the experience of predecessors.

This principle in his work on the development of oil and gas industry guided and UGC. The only thing we can say with confidence – and requires commercial roads will be built, and the sooner we think about their quality and application of technologies with geogrid reinforcement, the be able to save more in the future. Indeed, following the old canons of construction, the result is known to all … After several passages of heavy vehicles on the road, formed a deep rut. We, the transporters to solve this problem regular grading. Now you can get rid of koleeobrazovaniya, only increasing the profitability of times due to the quality of roads on new technology.

The Process

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There are people who have a natural charisma, but also there are leaders who have committed to become so. Futurist contains valuable tech resources. It is estimated that of 1945 to date have been written over three thousand serious studies, all of them on the topic of leadership, and discovered in this area in recent years reveals very interesting aspects about how it is possible to acquire in cognitive shape social charisma, although in the absence of him naturally. It has landed the leader, is has desmitificado him, you can touch him, can understand today where come these links of power and has been able to discover that the person who is determined to pay the colegiatura can acquire social charisma of the leader, this attraction by medio which can have that magnetic force towards his followers. The leader manages that special power which is called charisma when he dares to incorporate into your lifestyle the basic premises that analizan in this chapter, which can be learned, what not necesariamente ensures that you one can agree on charismatic leader, since only through practice may develop and master those skills. Leadership cannot be taught, it has to learn.

Many do not have the motivation and self-determination to achieve a style of leadership with these characteristics and the path that must be pass is reserved only for those who are convinced that triunfar in life is not the most important thing, it is the only thing. What many schools Administration call leadership are actually management styles, seeking to perpetuate the administrativas skills for setting goals, making decisions in a participatory manner, teamwork, etc.; but do not tell us how the skills of a leader, such as vision, persuasion, the motivacion and communication, among others. Excellence leadership is one of the competitive advantages most powerful for any type of company, because if it is a lack of effective leaders, the organization is lost, and is discouraging to see that this is one of the most neglected resources currently in the companies, when it is actually the basic ingredient for success Corporativo. Furthermore, the leadership development process is slow and expensive, but no alternative is done well or is going to drift and the fracaso. If we want to develop a society of excellence is necessary to quickly learn of the most talented leaders, few can teach us more than those that have demonstrated what they are capaces, because they already made him the obvious technology, already lograron and are masters in leadership; their skills to project his vision, to communicate, to inspire confidence and self-esteem, to engage and energize, are unique and it is precisely by his example that this book has been written. To form corporate leaders of excellence required more than a program of training or an extensive bibliography; It is fundamental culture and structure of the company to support its permanent formacion. They should adopt an integrated approach to exploit the maximum potential of their leaders, they must reward significantly those who increase their skills for communicate, be more motivating and dominate the process of organizational change and renewal; You must be a system of development of effective leaders in the Organization, work hard to create champions who lead us as a team to win.

Peter Schreiber

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Capital goods seller experience in ZfU seminar with the sales expert Peter Schreiber, how they can win competitors customers. On which company should I focus on the acquisition of new customers? And how do I get a foot in the door for potential new customers? Sellers of industrial goods and services that often wonder if they are faced with the challenge to acquire new customers especially if they are bonded for years with competitors. As they can hunt down customers to competitors, learn that capital goods seller in a seminar, the ZfU international business school that specialized coach on November 23, 2011 in Ruschlikon on Lake Zurich with the on the capital goods sales and consultant Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld (D) performs. “In the day seminar with the programmatic title of fishing your competitor’s customers more sales through systematic customer acquisition” learn to identify participants among others, as the competitors customers can, involving a commitment worth the example, because they have the necessary potential and with them there is a realistic chance of closing. “In addition Peter Schreiber explains them, among other things the book the prey grid: 7 strategies for successful selling” wrote, how they can find: who are the decision makers at the target customers? And: what challenges is this currently for example due to its market position. Or due to the (technical) developments in its market. Or on the basis of the goals he wants to achieve.

This building the sales professional Peter Schreiber using concrete examples of practice explains them then how they arouse the interest of decision-makers among target customers and acquire an appointment with them”can even if the contact person at the first contact first for example says: actually we do not need. We are satisfied with our current suppliers.” Intensely also the topic at the seminar: How do I prepare myself as capital goods seller professionally on the “First visit before and how do me, me in the conversation as an attractive partner” to distinguish for example by I submit concrete suggestions for the challenges he is facing, the interlocutor. Also discussed is the issue of supply management. “Here the participants including: how is a promotional offer”? And: how touching I as a sales professional offers systematically after? “The participation in the seminar of fishing customers of your competitors more sales through systematic customer acquisition” on November 23, 2011 cost 1280 Swiss francs (or 985 euros).

Gladly Concepts

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BER marketing offers customized marketing packages! The electro mobile offers bandwidth is rapidly increasing, whether vehicle concepts on two or four wheels, stationary loading supply or storage, mobility concepts on local basis, dealer networks, sharing, and much more. The mass market has long not been reached, the ideas and concepts but point in the right direction. Often human and financial resources lack of in this new technological ground to implement consistently and purposefully ideas and concepts and especially successfully to market. Not all today’s providers will also come across the start-up phase, because for the vast majority of potential customers, the daily, practical benefit is not always visible. On the contrary, the market is already cluttered despite early stage for the majority.

Only who early takes care of a commercially viable customer loyalty with clearly defined target group and defined benefits, building a brand and also a resilient distribution network, will pass the coming years and also be able to finance further expansion. Because: Not always the technologically best idea, but which survives with a consistent implementation and a clear profile. BER Marketing GmbH has set up individual packages of support therefore the interested, innovative companies can select their appropriate building blocks. The complete package takes into account all the necessary and relevant steps that lead from a good product idea to a successful and long-term marketing: from the product idea to market -, we offer you your innovation workshop we innovative ideas develop a compact workshop, in which together with you and check on their eligibility. Take advantage of our expertise in the strategic development of product innovations and the creation of successful funding applications. Targeted marketing concepts we support you with the necessary market, customer and competitive research, make transparent the right target group and their buying criteria, develop together with you an effective marketing approach including press and public relations work, take care of the implementation of targeted, help build of your brand and positioning your product or service. Marketing and sales development we are as “Extended Workbench” in every phase of the business in terms of interim management available, in close consultation with you, coordinate your marketing, build your key account management and the necessary sales activities, control all actions with most effective impact for your budget and can also assist with the search for your future employees.

Training and presentation very we are also in the frame of a unit for your event or in an individual training available. Topic: “the last mile in heart and head – customer acquisition in the eMobilitat”. The contents are: how customer in the future, which target groups are formed? What trends are there in buying behaviour, mobility and marketing? What does this mean for my brand, products and services? How position I us on customer needs, customer benefits and product benefits right? Where is my place in the future value chain be? The content can be designed according to requests and needs. Your investment: Gladly we submit an individual offer you.