Individual Subject

For Schopenhauer citizen that conscientious agent understands not another thing seno for which the world is as Representation; Individual is, therefore, also conscientious agent, however, that one for which the world appears as representation. The limit of that is the art and the philosophy as science, that is, as synthesis of the dialctica relation enters the subjective correlato of the Idea (subject) and the objective correlato of the citizen (Idea), having for purpose the expression of this last one. Relation this that estimates not them reason principles and individuation for which the knowledge is, in the truth, a mere opinion (doxa) , before, is based exclusively for on the aesthetic intuition, only half for which invariant and veraz it becomes human possible. Word-Key: Schopenhauer, Art, Science, Will; Idea. ABSTRACT: Summary: this work aims you present, in general the thought of Schopenhauer and, with this, justify the art and the philosophy a means of communication of knowledge itself.

It will be this, I proposed myself you elucidate you marry such the duplicity semantics of words ' ' will' ' and ' ' representation' ' , where: If will, then want; If Will, then Itself; If representation, then things, or even the whole of the phenomena individuals; and if Representation then Ideas, also understood the phenomena general. Ratio In the of distinction between the terms referred you above, we have two to other that without then the body philosophical of the author of ' ' The world willingness and a representation' ' simply makes it incomprehensible, which ploughs: Individual Subject and know (Cognoscente) To latter at the expense of the concept of individual known (Cognoscvel). By subject Schopenhauer means not anything to other than that agent aware you which the world is a Representation; Individual is, therefore, an agent also aware, to however, that will be which the world eats a representation.