Anxiety Feeling

Why wait are always insuportveis? We have that to wait countless seconds, interminable hours and long days for accurately TUDO…com it the anxiety feeling aches, that in them takes the surtos for having the perception of that the time delays to pass hurts to have that to wait the blackout to go even so to be able to admire the sunrise, anguish to have that to wait the twilight to pass to be able to admire the stars makes that me to cry to wait to wait to wait to be happy, to live, to smile I do not obtain to aguentar to wait to love then, is the suffering most melancholic that we can feel we know that in some place has somebody, and cannot be with this somebody we have q to wait we have that to suffer with this cursed torment pra some day to be happy we wait and we yearn for that the time is generous or that the least stops of being so dull, stops to play in our faces its importance and stops to say: ' ' I am who control aquii' '. It is impossible, is improbable not to fall in a well of anguish when remembering that we are ' ' instrumentos' ' of the time, of the wait I do not obtain to disfarar how much I suffer, how much I cry when eye for the clock, cursed the clock, cursed calendar, cursed says they me that the wait for the peace still is long, says me to them that I go to have that to aguentar and I wait, I wait because it does not have another exit. . Credit: Activision Blizzard-2011.