Brazil Flood

Brazil suffers to innumerable problems related with the inaquality preconceptions, lack of chance amongst others. However when the rain time arrives, the population in general has its eyes directed toward another serious problem: floodings. Programs of implantation of you alert against floods, incentive the integration of the society in the problem and even though the strategical replacement of these people would be forms to brighten up this reality. The implantation of you alert against floods could tranquilize or to alert such families for the eminent risk of flooding, since measured more efficient they are not taken, however this would not be the best exit, therefore it does not decide the problem completely. The population in general does not have will choose to if to move for houses that can later be reached for floods, the sped up urbanization and baseless it encloses many areas, the replacement of situated people in the risk areas would be a sensible and efficient measure. The auto cost in turn discourages the government, this subverte the importance of the measure. However the biggest solution to change such reality is the awareness of all and successively a social mobilization as the garbage collection that occur, however the society not it of the o due value. When using areas throughout rivers not only finish harming the ecosystem, but itself same. At last taxes are paid, alert are given, however house time more we see houses unscrupulous of deaths and losses due floodings. This reality will remain between us for much time until provides to be taken and the population in turn to be conscientious and less comodista, seeing everything to sink of crossed arms.