Lenel OnGuard

The series NGP-2220 includes four models. The basic model is designed for access control of large and technically complex systems and controllers NGP-2220i, NGP-2220iUL and NGP-2220iCE labeled i enable the integration of access control and security signaling. Letter extension UL and CE in its name means that the controller is supplied in a single access control box with power supply unit for 110 and 220, respectively. Powered by the operating system Linux, have a greater capacity and performance, and availability of port Ethernet 10/100 Base-T increases the system reliability through redundancy link. When using the NGP-2220 as a hardware platform security system that includes 512 trains, controller can be programmed arming / disarming as a priority, and common areas (total 130). In order to limit the rights of users to set / unset the object of the controller access control system supports up to 1000 user profiles.

The overall reliability of safety systems based on the NGP-2220 increases to 128-bit encryption when communicating with a central server OnGuard. Verifying alarm based on controller in the mode of installation is carried out by the activation mode Walk test. NGP-2220 is capable of handling up to 66 access points, access control to the identification of entry and exit. In this case the controller can be derived for the organization of the passage of readers through two doors, while the remaining 64 – the use of expanders company Lenel. In his memory controller access control system can store information on 250 000 access cards, as well as the event log to 50 000 entries.

NGP-2220 allows you to program up to 32 000 levels Access (128 per card), supports the ban on re-passage, and provides a limit on the maximum number of people in the area. Additional features have appeared in the integration of ACS NGP-2220 automation system building. New 2220 series controllers can control up to 256 actuators that are connected to them through the output modules, including equipment, warning systems, lighting, etc. ailing the administrator. In this case the controller access control system supports the local and remote diagnosis of the condition. In addition to the battery, NGP-2220 can operate as part of a global system of Lenel OnGuard. Under the direction of the new controller OnGuard server can segment attached zones and access control, thus serve several independent zones. On the basis of OnGuard can create a comprehensive system of security geographically distributed sites, which includes access control system, controlled through ACS controller, security alarm and CCTV system.