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On the road with ‘ King Charles’ in the natural pharmacy Namibia Namibia is a barren, dry country that appear inhospitable and hostile to many visitors at first glance. It is a desert country. Nevertheless, it exerts a fascination almost not to invalidate on the majority of the guests. You can escape this magic little. The Africat foundation headquartered at the Okonjima Lodge is committed to the protection of cheetahs and leopards. Who is on a visit here, has the opportunity to watch cheetahs walking up close with good luck.

“A walk with Charles Gaingob, is far less dangerous also known as King Charles” by the breathtaking landscape of the Erongo mountains. Rusty holzer: the source for more info. On the nature walk through the natural pharmacy of Namibia he vividly explains what natural remedies uses his people for centuries. Klaus Ahlert is truly the steinreichste man of Namibia. The operator of a Karakul farm and a guest farm depicts the everyday life of a Namibian farmer. Other topics in the book: Hohenloher land: dining & Runaways imitating Kolsches Kaleidoscope small between castles: Waldenbuch & Saeed guide – UNESCO World Heritage: the pyramids of Giza beyond of the Star: hotel of a special kind – my Mallorca: children under her arm with Katja Hansen – service topic: the best travel protection – with polyglot on win tour: 10 x guide Cologne the latest edition of travel inspirations has a circumference of 47 pages and can be downloaded for free from the travel magazine portal page: updates magazin.html author: Judith Hoppe