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President Hugo Chavez

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In the case of Ecuador and Venezuela spoke of oil and agricultural products. Very interesting in the statement that presents the BBC.Mundo, when he says what he says Adolfo Taylhardart that there is an economic factor in the association of Ecuador, but that has nothing to do with trade. "The ALBA is the club of 'throw me something', of countries that are waiting for (the president of Venezuela) to support them with money, projects, airplanes, etc." who also pointed out Venezuelan ambassador in several countries between the 60s and 90s. In return Venezuela win the support of those nations change policies promoted by President Hugo Chavez, under the title "XXI century socialism." Also from the official perspective, the Venezuelan political analyst Alberto Aranguibel entered those findings in a current called the "predictors of the past that are against social justice policy promoted by President Hugo Chavez." "It is false that this is the product of an oil checkbook. What is happening is the integration of markets, "said" If we analyze from the perspective of management, which is the language they speak, the theory states that the loss of bargaining power is when there is a single client.

They are the ones that encouraged us to have a single client. Now what we have is a powerful multinational force is making a counterweight to America, " added. Definitely l analyst said that initiatives such as the ALBA countries allow modest economies such as Central America, eventually becoming "small powers in areas that are strong, as the president said Chavez." To Taylhardat "That is an organization that has no basis or purpose, beyond the interest of Chavez's government to continue to attract naive or who seek to profit." For President of Ecuador Rafael Correa part of this organization will give benefits to the country, such as having a common approach to international organizations like the World Bank and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). In the future written on this subject, Professor of International Commerce MBA graduate, markets Faces mention the University of Carabobo, comment on the scope, impact, weaknesses, opportunities this creates for Venezuela.

New Zealand Canada

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China has about 70% of their reserves in dollars. According to Reuters, during the meeting of the G8, the Chinese State counselor Dai Bingguo, appealed to the world diversify the booking system and aim at relatively stable exchange rates, in what represents a clear attack on the American currency. The entire attentive context against the dollar. Will you continue debilitadose in the medium to long term? Obama had committed to support its value. The strength of the currency is part of the economic strategy of the U.S. Government. The question goes through know how much effort will be willing to make Obama to achieve this objective and how much can withstand the temptation that can generate a dollar weak, beneficial to the competitiveness of the American economy. Investors are already making their bets against the dollar.

Axel Merk, Manager of the Merk Hard Currency (MERKX) and Asian Currency (MEAFX) Funds funds, recognized in The Wall Street Journal that you are taking against the dollar long positions because he sees a future weakening of the U.S. currency. The first of these funds is made up by 24% of liquidity in euro, 17% in Norwegian kroner (encouraged by the revenue that the country earns from its oil exports), around 35 per cent in commodities related to the currencies of Australia, New Zealand Canada, and 14% in gold. Another big bet that exists on the market is by the inevitable appreciation you will have the yuan as soon as the Chinese Government give in to pressures, mainly from the United States for the currency is strengthening against the dollar. This bet by the yuan exchange rate hedges via which is made through bets with large banks in the direction in which the yuan behaves. The world knows that in the short term not you can release him hand to the dollar for two reasons. The first is the great commitment of the investments of international reserves of the countries into dollar-denominated assets.

The second reason is that the dollar is serving barrage before the increase in uncertainty in the markets. If the dollar, which is one of the few reliable shelters for the investor, falls, then the crisis can reach immeasurable dimensions. In the medium and long term, however, the dollar already lost its global leadership which translates into a lower global demand for assets denominated in that currency, which will weaken it against the impossibility of us hold it. Original author and source of the article.

Modern Buildings

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High-rise building is modern and very promising technology of construction of buildings. The process of this construction consists of three main phases: preparation and delivery of concrete, preparation of the formwork, laying concrete. Formwork – a set of elements and designed to impart the desired form of monolithic concrete or reinforced concrete structures erected on the site. There are several types formwork. Formwork is made up of modular panels of aluminum frames, decking which is made of laminated plywood of 18-20 mm.

Due to the simplicity of assembly and disassembly of wall formwork required for installation time is reduced, thus decreasing and construction time. Formwork – a set of forms for ceilings of all sizes and configurations with the ability to combine parts and components in the process work. Formwork slabs allows the formwork of any shape in terms of rectangular, circular and even a console. Moreover, it is enough to set the standard and does not require any special parts. Column formwork is designed for the construction of columns of rectangular and square. System logical devices can be mounted in a constructive formwork column formwork with diaphragm, which reduces the time of concreting the monolithic structures of complex elements. In addition, construction is widely used in facade systems. Have the greatest advantages ventilated facades allow the use of modern front facing materials. These fronts have a high degree of sound and heat insulation, with the facade work can be performed at any time of year.

Nani Roma AMV Foundation

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This donation enabled enable the first phase of the new project that both will develop. The delivery was carried out in the incomparable setting of Les Comes, Manresa. The project, developed by the Fundacion Nani Roma and AMV Hispania insurance company, is the result of extensive work carried out with great enthusiasm. The Mauritania project has as sole purpose, alleviating the devastating effects of poverty in the most deprived persons of African, focus area, especially in persons with disabilities. In Mauritania, the incapacitated person lacks any support social, vocational, and economic. The lack of infrastructure and active projects, even worse, the precariousness and lack of social projection of the disabled. The personal link of the first Spanish winner of the Dakar rally, with the African continent, has never faded.

On the contrary, their experience and knowledge of the area, driven by the invaluable help and illusion of AMV Hispania, make the birth of the new joint project is become a reality. A few weeks ago, a delegation of the Nani Roma AMV Foundation, formed by four of its members, moved towards the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, in order to carry out a preliminary study of the current situation in the area. This first analysis was the prelude to the activation of the first phase of the project. After verifying on-site needs and deficiencies, in the different fields of action of the project, was an estimated inventory of material and necessary actions. Along the first introspection, different members of the project, led by Rosa Romero (Fundacion Nani Roma AMV), the delegation met with different national associations such as: FEMANPH (Mauritanian Federation of national associations of disabled persons), the CNORF (National Centre for Orthopaedics and functional re-education Mauritanian), FEMHANDIS (Mauritanian Federation of sports for persons with disabilities), and different hospitals, as the Hospital National in Nouakchott. An interview with Minister of sports, first, and another with the President of the Federation Mauritanian sports for people with disabilities, then ended the first phase of the project.


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Nobody can assure since moment the human being discovers what later &quot was called; Electricidad". The evidence that exists is that, 600 years before Christ was observed this phenomenon, by the Greek philosopher " Such of Mileto". It was first in discovering the attraction and repulsion of the objects like fabric or skin, rubbed in a piece of " Amber amarillo". This one is a resinous substance, that in Greek denominates " ELEKTRON" , this one gave to origin to the name of the particle atomics " ELECTRON" , and the term " ELECTRICIDAD". Soon later. it was discovered that not only elektron had the property to attract small particles, when they were put under the frotamiento with glass, soothes, fabrics, etc. Given the relation with the phenomenon of elecktron, &quot was adopted the term; electrizado" , indicating with that a body had acquired the same properties.

Who has not rubbed a comb in his hair and soon to approach it a small piece of paper. All without a doubt we have done, it and we observed as the paper piece adheres to the comb, this is " electricity esttica". The intensity of an electrical current is expressed in " COULOMBS BY SEGUNDO". " AMPERIO" he is equivalent to a Coulomb per second and its name is in honor to the mathematician and French scientist " Andre Marie Ampere (1775 – 1836). It was the one who devised the electrodynamics and it invented the electromagnet and the telegraph.

Resistance: " ohmio" it is the resistance that has a conductor when applying an electrical tension of a volt in its ends, takes place a current of " amperio". Volt: Certain electrical pressure to send an electrical current through a conductor. A volt is the pressure that is required to cause to a current of a coulomb per second that is an ampere, through a conductor who offers a resistance of 1 ohm. Also &quot is denominated; Force electromotriz" (Fem.). The volt name is in honor to the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta (1745 – 1827). Alessandro Volta invented the electrical battery that it takes its name.

Interactive Computers

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The social impact and is very close to the Cuban and therefore a universal, leading to changes in traditional forms of teaching and learning. The school allows better use of our sense organs. The use of the Cuban school can and should contribute to the transmission of information, achieving greater retention of knowledge acquired through them can transmit a larger amount of information in the least, helping teaching is more active. From the foregoing emerges Scientific Problem: How to contribute to raising the assimilation of information and from the use of computers and how important is for the professional future? The object of research: the teaching-related field of information and understanding by the learner of the importance it represents for our future and the training of professionals. The: to develop a proposal for activities to raise the student information from courses for workers in the subject of computers in the teaching-learning process, where there is an ample of this with computers forming a set of mental and motor skills for their own development. To guide the investigation process was formulated scientific question: how teachers can raise the level of understanding of students Courses for Workers in the health teaching unit on the importance of computerization in this branch . For the development of this in, there were a number of activities: Activity for initial work with the computer.

Activities with Windows Explorer. Activities with word processors. Exercises with treatments in the network and its functioning. Outlook Express email tool. Development The objective of this proposal is simply to develop skills to support the link between information technology and interactive student understanding in reference to need to know what digital media as a means of disseminating information and the importance that this brings about its development as a future professional and worker training as any of the branches of health, which are being subjected to the development of new digital techniques for increased viability and use.

This highlights the importance to be given by Computer to the creation of deeper study habits and more interactive for students for their development at par with the Revolution that is being aimed at the computer for being a constantly. In the proposed activities are aimed at developing motor skills in students, in creating, working with the Explorer, with Future Collection, which can be carried through, well, work with local networks (), networks such as global and INFOMED, promoting the understanding by the student, the importance of proper update on this branch and develop in a medium that able to work different areas of health and travel at the same development. In our work we can arrive at the following conclusions: The systematic work Computing Course has helped to update students and teachers. This experience has motivated students and teachers to deepen their knowledge about information technology. Computing can be largely a solution to problems that arise when solving problems in the social context. The can serve as a motivational tool within the classes of other subjects. The computer is a means by which to enjoy a host of statistical information and enrich the professional work. The teachers in the territory have been benefited with the development of Computing in the sense of self-preparation and that all information displayed on digital media.

Accepting Idea

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Concepts such as its history, its convictions, moral values, your preferences, your personal sensitivity, lifetime hobbies, would have nothing in the personal history of humanity. As we have highlighted in the text, have been revised all the concepts studied in modules, from the ambiguity of the concept culture that lost the idea of territoriality in favour of the idea of multipertenencia social rather than geographical, adhering more to the concept of cultura-civilizacion. We also went through the debate of Universalimos where the particular cumulative becomes a whole and the particular passes to enrich the Universal. The concept of cultural diversity as a result of the interrelationship, contrast and contact between diverse cultures, where relativism is explained by interests of power or the critique of ethnocentrism and its hierarchies based on inequalities and/or purported acculturation that not always get as in Maalouf and that we must continue to fight for their coexistence. We have also highlighted the functionalist sense of social actions taking relevance according to the context and the moment. As a consequence of the final claim of the text: do not raise beliefs above the truth of coherence, have not spent more than tiptoeing by psychological categories and/or collective personality, where attitudes, behaviors, and values of the societies which we delineate territorially are associated. We have visited the idea of the other as a threat and as idealization, as leaders and as foreigners.

And above all we have handled the terms of interculturalism, criticizing homogenization as dominant indiferenciador criterion of individuals (loss of identity) with regard to the today screen time that surrounds us. We have not spoken of pluralism, which is rather a good and desirable sum of cultures, but it entails co-existence against the idea of interaction that would create a new society in part with the use of characters, belongings or peculiarities depending on the relevance of context and stratification. Neither the text speaks of multiculturalism associated with claims of ethical and national minorities within a nation-State, which the Spanish territory is a mosaic to study. And we have employed fundamentalism, such as beliefs, nationalisms and religions, to explain that they have to be discarded, while they used to justify the ethnocide and genocide. Accepting as a conciliator term a sense of culture to get a consensus on the values, standards, and is subject to changes to balance the relations of power when they are altered. Vertices psychologists Cabinet of Madrid: C / Caleruega, 88 Cabinet of Las Rozas de Madrid: Ave. Lazarejo 106 phone: 91 631 44 93 690 75 85 35 Email: all rights reserved original author and source of the article.

Judges Interiores

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All we have some " personage-judge interior" , that he censures to us, us " dice" " that not podemos" to make tal o cual thing, or throws &quot to us; for abajo" , devaluing to us or being inferior some aspect ours, or something that we have created Here I am going to share with you an Exercise PNL that can ayudarte identify and integrate those aspects " Your Judges Interiores" Exercise PNL To identify and To integrate your Judges Interiores? Fjate to make the following exercise: it writes in a leaf, some affirmation, (perhaps exagrala just a little bit), as for example: " I am an excellent student, salesman, painter, musician, salesman, father, mother, etc etc., or " this work that I did is very bueno" , o" I am a person very agradable" , etc.? Immediately afterwards, qudate in silence and listens to your interior For this applies some tricks of the PNL: quick attention of deliberate way to the inner voices at the same time as you orient your glance towards the ear watching towards both lateral sides, around your ears. Surely, ciertas" voces" (some, can be known enough), they are raised to criticize it everything, to put limits of rigid way, to limit something new or creative or spontaneous &quot Is ours; Judges Interiores" , our Censors, that /esas " voces" that they say for example &quot to us; that activity does not give resultados&quot you; or " you are not able of hacerlo" " tonteras&quot stops doing these; or " I must work without descanso" or " you are not idiot, you cannot do eso" " you do not do eso" etc.etc! Now, it closes the eyes and it tries to identify the images that appear with the voices you perhaps recognize something familiar or some well-known detail. . Dry Harbor Rehab pursues this goal as well.

Purchasing Pharmacies

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These be followed by others as the improvement of working protocols, train staff in sales and communication techniques or draw monthly campaigns that support sales targets. We should also implement a good loyalty card, energize the pharmacy with lectures and conferences of interest to our clients/patients. Reforms structural robotization, reform of pharmacy-, would be studied later. So for Asefarma dinamica-activa management of pharmacies is not a necessity, if not an obligation. The distance between pharmacies with passive management and those that perform an active management will be greater. You have to adapt or, in our opinion, if you are not willing to do so for reasons that are, consider getting a good transfer and obtain a fair retirement. We also believe that this work is of the utmost importance in the transmission of pharmacies, to develop the maximum help to the buyer potential of the pharmacy who will purchase at a time as crucial as this one, which starts a new stage in the history of pharmacy.

In addition Asefarma also leverages to say that in the case of rural pharmacies and cores reduced population, management dynamics requires the support of the public authorities. In this type of offices, where a lack of its own staff or by having a limited number of operations, many dynamic management that you proceed hardly revert the current situation of lowering of margins, although they can improve it in part. These pharmacies carrying out extraordinary work of public health with permanent guards – and should be the public authorities which ensure them a minimum of subsistence, through additional measures, underlines Carlos Garcia – Maurino. The best services range offered by Asefarma as advice from management dynamics of pharmacies are as follows:-strategic consulting. Advice to the pharmacy in the management of purchases and sales. -Training.

Directed to owners and employees of the pharmacy with the intention of achieving a better preparation and an increase in productivity – human resources. Search for staff and job board: in response to the request of the personnel required by the pharmacy, facilitarvarios curriculum vitae that adapt to the profile – quality protocols. The working procedures is to simplify and standardize the management of various aspects of the pharmacy’s face to improve and to optimize times and costs. Be provided working protocols developed for pharmacy – services of audit and quality consulting. For all those interested pharmacies that made them audits, compliance and follow-up of quality protocols – preferential agreements with companies. With these agreements, your customers get benefits and special discounts. They also have agreements with wholesalers for distribution, signatures of reforms, furniture and computer software, among others. – Purchasing group: Puntofarma. Association of several pharmacies to achieve better trading conditions, optimize stock and have an exchange of experiences and knowledge. -Marketing and loyalty plan. Their basic package offers to conduct monthly marketing campaigns with graphic material and consulting hours, and/or a plan of faithfulness to the pharmacy, with database of customers and loyalty cards.

Buildings And Structures

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ORDER OF THE MINISTRY OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS January 11, 2005 N 5 ON THE APPROVAL OF THE TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF BUILDINGS AND FACILITIES In accordance with building regulations Belarus SNB 1.04.01-04 'Buildings and facilities. Basic requirements for the technical condition and maintenance of building structures and engineering systems, assessing their suitability for use 'and SNB 1.04.02-02' repair, reconstruction and restoration of residential and public buildings and structures', order: 1. To approve the Regulations on the technical operation of buildings and structures of organizations subordinate to the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus. 2. Chief of Department for Control and provide a single building complex information environment Fins EE bring to a subordinate organizations these instructions in due course.

3. Managers of organizations to ensure implementation of the instructions. 4. Instruction on technical maintenance of buildings and structures from 10.02.1999, the deemed null and void. 5. Control over the implementation of this order to assign to the Deputy Minister of Abramchuk MM Minister GF KUROCHKIN INSTRUCTIONS FOR TECHNICAL SERVICE BUILDINGS organizations subordinate to the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus Chapter 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS 1. This Product technical manual buildings and structures of organizations subordinate to the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus (hereafter – Instruction) is designed on the basis of building codes Belarus SNB 1.04.01-04 'Buildings. Basic requirements for the technical condition and maintenance of building structures and engineering systems, assessing their suitability for use 'and SNB 1.04.02-02' repair, reconstruction and restoration of residential and public buildings and structures'.