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About The Animation

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The animation is a type of optical illusion. It’s the emergence of the movement caused by the images that show one after another, is how to see drawings of flowers superimposed one upon the other creating a motion effect clear when these images move. Often, the animation is used for entertainment purposes but may also be very useful with an educational approach. Besides its use for entertainment, animation is considered a form of art. Often this art participates and receives an award at the world film festivals.

It is also used for educational purposes, as already we had mentioned, the animation has a place in learning and teaching applications today. The cartoon is often considered the animation in its most classic form. The cartoon characters made their debut in the first part of the 20th century, and began the use of 24 different drawings per second, as well as television which runs at 24 frames per second. In traditional cartoons, frames they are hand-drawn. The animation takes too long its realization and its production is very expensive.

For this reason, the majority of the animation for television and film is produced by professional studies. However, there are also many independent animation works. In fact, there are many resources, such as animation programs for low-cost and market and distribution networks, which help the independent animator to perform work much easier than it was in the past. When using animation for films or movies, each frame is produced on an individual basis. Frames can be produced using computers or photographs of the images that are being drawn or painting. Frames can also generate through the alteration of a model unit in small forms or using a special camera to take pictures of the results. Regardless of the method used, the idea is that the production is able to deceive the eye to see continuous motion. Although the production job animated films and cartoons can be intense and laborious, computer animation can make the process much faster. Computer technology is in constant improvement, and professionals are able to create characters as in real life due to the use of computers and special animation software. However, qualified animators are still necessary for the production of quality animations. After all, computers are not yet able to make artistic decisions and bring passion to the images.

AXIS Communications

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Compression in MPEG-4 processor running at ip camera accordance with ISO / IEC 14496-2 (MPEG-4 Visual and MPEG-4 Part II). To limit the bandwidth, AXIS 221 uses NWAY auto-sensing data in the local network segment. AXIS 221 – this is the first ip-camera with a built-AXIS thermocouple, which protects the camera from high temperatures and can detect a fire at the facility surveillance. Model 221 allows up to 10 scripts to set its response to the alarm, three of which are prescribed "Download" anxiety of staff at one of the servers: FTP-, HTTP-or TCP-server. It will also send an e-mail notification with attached anxious staff. The source of an alarm event can be integrated detector movement or temperature-sensitive element, security sensors, connected to the alarm input, reset after power failure or manual activation of the alarm.

Using technology Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows to deliver power to the AXIS 221 over twisted pair category 5 in accordance with standard IEEE 802.3af, thereby decreasing time and cost of installation. To do this, ip camera connected to an uninterruptible power supply through the injector AXIS PoE Midspan, which also protects the camera and from power surges. At the same time, AXIS 221 can use an adapter for 9 V DC supplied. Built-in ip-camera motion detection allows, among traditional settings, the size of the detected object, sensitivity and detection area, set the duration of their active state. The higher the value, the longer the detector is active condition.

Unauthorized access to the network camera is protected by password system, built-in controller WatchDog, IP-filtering and HTTPS-coding. Through the web-browser window ip-camera AXIS 221 can display video from network cameras and other Video Server AXIS. It's enough to add a new network camera or video server in the list of external sources, prescribing their IP-addresses and assigning the parameters of video. Each external ip camera can transmit stream format MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or M-JPEG, and image from multiple sources can be switched in sequence mode. New ip-camera AXIS 221 is already available. For more technical information on new ip cameras and other network camera AXIS send your request to or call us at 787-3342, 937-9057 to sales managers ARMO-Systems, which is the official Russian distributor of network cameras and video servers AXIS Communications, or in regional offices, ARMO. The Swedish company AXIS Communications is the world's largest developer and manufacturer of networking equipment for digital video surveillance systems. AXIS provides the world market for network cameras, wireless cameras, video servers and various web-camera video surveillance for the organization of local networks or the Internet. Offices in 14 countries, and the staff more than 400 people. More than 95% of sales accounted for AXIS foreign markets.

Mediterranean Coast

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But most importantly, that he does not lose contact with a familiar environment. In any country where there is more or less available online, people virtual "live, in general, in a familiar world. And if a person's work and connected to the Internet and in no way connected with the seat, then nothing changes. But it's all generalities. And now we take any concrete man, well, like this, which is very well know – myself and an experiment. Let's look at a computer screen – the familiar and dear sight. And then the kinematic look out the window – too familiar and dear sight, do you like? A Now look again at the computer screen and imagine that the window is not "familiar and dear, but, for example, the sun, and maybe even the sea, or forest, or mountains, or maybe all together. Now, like it? I like it.

I just, it's all .V than morality fable so long? And in that, if nothing to lose, why follow the stereotypes and grandparents, who were afraid to move away from their homes. And can skip anywhere, the more that we, the "virtual people" is easy and useful. Incidentally, Europeans have long been caught this wave. The phenomenon even got its name "Downshifting". The bottom line is that a person buys or rents an apartment, and sometimes a villa (in the backward countries can and the palace, but here Internet is not guaranteed) in some nice resort country or at sea, or in the mountains, but it does not matter where, most importantly, where are cheaper than in the native and the usual megalopolis. Cheaper, but not worse, because there are in these countries and the sea, and beauty and a pleasant environment and friendly people around (though this is a mistake quickly fading away as soon as you begin to understand language). In general, I decided to follow the Europeans, once the very first non dodumalas.Vybor country had not been for me a particular problem.

Basic conditions, I was not much: accessibility, environment, low crime, the sea and, of course, good internet. In general, the choice fell on Turkey – Mediterranean Coast. After year of residency can already draw conclusions – made the right decision. My friend, for example, made a different choice – Goa. Also not spared. So, go ahead, gentlemen, "virtual people" looking for his paradise on earth. It's easy, just live!

System Stores

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The industrial and construction of the Hall and its species system halls are halls, which are built by a certain principle in a rapid manner. The following article discusses the characteristics, on the different types, as well as on advantages and disadvantages of system halls. Understood system halls also known as steel halls. These can be built easily. Quite simply and easily with the bare essentials, they are created using a modular principle.

There are ready-made parts, as for example in a prefab building and they can be installed at almost all locations. System halls are asked today by many companies that need storage bins quickly but have no great extra wishes. An important feature of a system Hall is that it be mentioned as, built from prefabricated parts when the customers. Another aspect is seen through a specific structure in building allow system halls. The halls are built to the same schema, but nevertheless, there are different variations or differences. These are not serious although but still, these are for closer approach to detect.

There are different types of system halls. For example, there are gable roof sheds, arched halls or the quick construction halls. All variants explain fact by your name by itself. You are influenced by your characteristics and were referred to as so. Who has opted for a variation of this system halls and may want to make changes or enlargements, can instruct this course from the manufacturer. The gable roof sheds can be changed as soon as possible for the installation of additional gates or by new partitions. Arched halls can be extended with insulation or plastic Windows. Quick building halls, as the name already suggests, fast can be built out. Here additional insulation or doors can be installed similarly as with the other system halls. The system halls bring but also how it is always pros and cons with them. It is certainly positive to note that the system halls quickly and easily, can be erected after a so-called modular. The principle is also for laypeople to understand. Thus the costs can be in building ever lower. Another advantage is that you can build the system halls almost at every site. As a result that they consist of steel halls, these are protected very well before weather conditions such as from wind, lightning, snow, etc. Because the system halls with a simple construction are identified, they are in the purchase of already a certain price”have. Also any changes that should be made to the halls, is indeed feasible and feasible, but also very expensive. That many components are prefabricated, each small change will be charged it according to the manufacturer. Nothing more despite are system halls, especially with your simple construction, a clever alternative to other building types.

Advantages Of The Solar Panels At Home

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Advantages of the solar panels in house tea ever wondered why people today is accommodating with solar panels made at home instead of relying on both the convenience of public services electric or even the purchase of solar panels already made. Well, here are the main reasons why is good to have solar panels made in house. Great savings in the light of the Sun is the source of solar energy, it is really free. With solar panels at home he is actually making use of something that is free. You can finally say goodbye to pay large electricity bills. Good investment besides being eco-savings for your pocket and the environment, in the long run will continue saving in the Bill, with the time and taking enough solar panels to supply your entire House will have energy free for lifetime. Buy prefabricated solar panels is much more expensive to buy solar panels made at home, when you purchase the product, to make it work you have to spend money on installation and in the transport of goods. We carry a greener life, taking into account the origin of electricity, there is no attempt to more favourable environment to generate their own electricity.

We must not forget the importance of caring for our planet, the way how the energy from sunlight is collected and how it is converted for family consumption are all natural processes which will not affect the environment. In fact, if each family or person did, our planet could have cleaner air. It is also practical for remote areas of the planet where the electricity is far from being accessible, as the days of field, or rural areas, always can be prepared in advance a very useful solar panel to supply energy to small devices or recharge the batteries of mobile phones, laptops and rechargeable lamps.

The Rebirth Of The Cafeteria System

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Why enterprises in the face of the shortage again should worry about your payment system! “Saarbrucken, according to the German Institute for economic research (DIW), 25.11.2010 – the discussion about shortages in Germany is a mirage”. The Berlin Institute see no indication that currently and in the future the qualified professionals could go out of the Federal Republic, the Hamburg-based news magazine “Der Spiegel” reported on Saturday advance from a study of the DIW. But the reality in the enterprise is different, knows to report one of the top recruiters from Germany, Heiko Banaszak. In his opinion it is high time to act. First of all, it is important to integrate the existing employees to the company and to make parallel to an increase in the attractiveness for potential employees.

He argues for this reason for a rebirth of the cafeteria system. A survey by Towers Perrin in 2008 among 3000 workers occupied, that is just 50 percent see the company as connected. The remaining 50 percent are open to opportunities. According to an empirical validation by the b + p consulting and personnel among medium-sized business leaders this proportion has changed dramatically during the crisis in favour of the employer. Employees were far less willing to change because they were afraid of usually 6-month probationary period mainly at your potential new employer.

After the press however sees the crisis as a finished and now blows the Horn of the impending shortage, many employees are aware of their value on the job market again. The loyalty decreases again significantly and employees are actively looking for opportunities to improve. The question which arises here is: How do I maintain key staff? As Heiko Banaszak with his staff at lunch in the cafeteria and satisfied but with a completely different menu to the cashier he approached, he recalled a model that everyone many years ago as a lecturer of the University of the Saarland was permitted to teach: the cafeteria system, a remuneration model that was hotly debated in the late 80s.

The Natural Immune System

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A function of the immune system is directly dependent on how much we eat Bruchsal January 21, 2010 – if man time has eaten, or making much sport, decreases the energy level of the cells, as well as also the insulin level. At a low level of insulin activates the FOXO transcription factor genes off and can turn on. So, FOXO turns on the genes for the immune proteins with an energy requirement and anti-microbial peptides (antibodies) are affiliated from the body cells removed and destroy any sick makers. Dissolve their cell walls. Professor Hoch suspects that little energy is strengthened the barrier between the body and the outside world in a possible hazardous situation.

The Bonn researchers publish their findings in the journal: nature (DOI: 10.1038/nature08698). The investigations of the Bonn biologists may have clinical relevance, because a number of common diseases such as diabetes type two or overweight resulting from an increased caloric intake. Moreover, such diseases go often with increased inflammation of barrier tissues, an impaired immune system, and a total shortened life span accompanied by. “Professor Dr. Joachim Schultze of the LIMES Institute says: our results provide new approaches to the understanding of this disease”. “LIMWS researchers point the views on the relationship between caloric intake and life Professor Hoch says: we now want to find out whether this is due to a Foxo-dependent enhancement of barrier function of the natural immune system.” Source: Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat Bonn company information: Jutta Schutz (journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge (also about low-carb). For more information

Barber ERauchkultur

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The eRauchkultur conquered the modern smoker markets. The brand name of MioMike the innovative premium lifestyle behind eRauchkultur. The electronic way of smoking caused no stinky cigarette smoke and thus bothered not the environment. MioMike eRauchkultur products such as electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes contain just nicotine and no other harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. MioMike is suitable for the smoke in premises such as restaurants, bars and in the workplace. She looks like a cigarette, tastes like a cigarette, it looks like a cigarette, it is the modern cigarette”, so Matthias Mewes, one of the co-founders of MioMike eSmokeSystems,. At the MioMike e-cigarette, a vacuum is created by sucking on the mouthpiece in the e-cigarette, which activated the battery.

With the help of the built-in electronics, the nicotine solution is evaporated as a result and can be inhaled so. The nicotine solution is located in cartridges, which look like a tobacco filter cigarette filter. The cartridge is exhausted, it is easy replaced by a new one. There are”no odour nuisance, Mahato further complemented. We build just the MioMike sales in Germany and abroad. MioMike should be offered not only in tobacco shops, but also in bars, pubs, discos, pharmacy, Barber shops and other stores”, so Matthias Mewes.

The products of the MioMike eRauchkultur represent the latest technical generation. Compared to the initial technology, where still a manual refilling the cartridges was necessary, just a simple change “empty against fully” is necessary. Thus, the customer enjoys a much better handling and thus a better comfort. We are looking for shop owners, restaurateurs, pharmacists, online store owners, but also creative sales professionals who can identify themselves with the innovative product. You will find more information on our homepage”, adds Mewes. MioMike was founded in February 2010. The company operates marketing, distribution and development of electronic evaporation apparatus. These include electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes, but also complementary systems such as Chargers and nicotine cartridges. MioMike has successfully registered patents, which are cigars and pipes enter the still under development-new generation of electronic cigarettes, and significantly improve the electronic smoke comfort. MioMike strives to bring the new generation of eRauchkultur as soon as possible in the international market. At the same time, MioMike eSmokeSystems looking for suitable international partners who can assist with the implementation of new technologies of smoke.

Electronic Ignition Systems

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However, car engines have become much more high-speed and have a high degree of compression, which imposes additional requirements on the ignition system. In addition, in recent years these systems have become make claims to radically increase fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness of automobile engines. In this regard, as in. in this country and abroad there are numerous Research on the improvement of the classical ignition system or replace it with brand new, with the best characteristics. These studies are primarily aimed at eliminating the main shortcoming of the classical system – to reduce the secondary voltage at low and high speeds of the motor shaft, with pollution of candles, with a decrease in battery voltage, when pollution or burning of contacts chopper, etc. In Currently, the spread got two fundamentally different electronic ignition system – with the accumulation of energy in the inductance and capacitance.

The first of these is called the transistor and the second – the thyristor or capacitor (on the name the basic elements used in these systems). Transistor system consists of the same elements as the classic, and works on the same principle. Unlike a transistor system from classic is that it introduces a powerful effect transistor, which commutes the current ignition coils, contacts same chopper commute only a relatively small base current of the transistor. However, to fully realize positive characteristics of a transistor ignition system can not only with a special ignition coil. The latter circumstance limits the possibility of manufacturing a transistor system in amateur conditions.

Internet System

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Certified computer experts help almost around the clock now Germany’s first interactive helpline for computer and software problems of any kind is getting started. Sitting in front of your computer in the Office or at home and no longer know when an application or a problem! Of course, you can time consuming research the problem on the Internet or enter in any forums, and hope that someone will answer! If it not as pleasant, just might call a competent computer experts, who usually shows you via remote access on your own system, within a few minutes as your problem can be solved as if he would be sitting right next to you? To the beginning of the year, we created a new interactive platform that allows just that. Initially, the relevant experts and experts for hardware, software, and application problems of any kind is provided to over 90 subjects. The creator Frank Salesi is even computer trainer and has in recent years met the problems of users and analyzed. These new platform called will be in the future also in several languages such as English, Turkish, Russian and Italian available, so also foreign citizens in your mother tongue can help. The support should receive immediate attention also outside the regular service hours such as weekends and evenings. This is due to a pool of experts assured, in which freelance experts after an aptitude test at any time on the system, or log off and provide assistance with a telephone or Internet connection from any location in Germany. This ensures attractive revenue the experts and can be done part-time. The support has no additional costs and obligations on the fair and up-to-the-minute accounting about the phone bill. A rating system ensures that always the best evaluated computer experts from the system are prioritized and the seeking help available.