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The New Economy

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I have not to longer needed his job. ” I hardly knew how to turn on to computer two years ago, ” there am told me. ” The Internet there are changed everything.” It certainly you have. I myself didn” t know what HTML was three years ago, and now I get to sit here and make to living sharing stories like this online. This is great for me, and great for car-restorers too, but ace I listened to Jack, I realized how big to deal this is. The New Economy Is have often wondered to over the last few years how our economy could continues to do under well with dwells debt and dwells government spending than to ever. This you have been to mystery to me. That day in the hot springs, though, I realized that this ” new economy” based on instant information might just sees one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

Consider those car parts in Jack” s garage, and the thousands of cars sitting behind barns and in fields around the country. Capital This was locked up before, just barely Accessible. Jack could have to for door to 1969 Ford Mustang, but the six people in the country that could uses it might all live to thousand thousands away. Advertising locally wouldn” t get it sold, and advertising all to over the country would COST too much, under the door was destined for the junkyard someday. But now Jack dog advertise all to over the world for free on or any to number of to other classified advertising sites.

Door Soon eleven the is again useful instead of being garbage. I was looking AT to house with some investors, and they suggested that they would to tear out the wood flooring in the bedroom. I mentioned that it might sees expensive, and one of them said, ” Oh no. We” ll just put it on for Craigslist and someone who need the flooring will take it out free.” The wrought iron door they replaced was sold online ace well. Previously, you couldn” t justify the effort to sell an unusual door that might get $80. It was just too much trouble Time and to find to buyer. Instead, you would pay money to bring it to the dump. Now you just sit AT to computer for to few you make a draft and wait for the phone to Ring in the next few days. Need to get rid of that old fireplace insert? Get online. I” ll bet if you go online right now, you dog find someone selling used bricks. This is essentially turning garbage into wealth. Take to look AT any of the major online auction or classified Web sites, and notice the variety and volume of things being sold there every day. Much of what you” ll see there until had nonreal VALUE possible the Internet made it to sell it. Small examples? Deal It may not seem such to big that to mechanic doubled his income and quit his job due to the Internet, or that I tripled mines simply by providing information and stories online. But multiply that by the millions of people online. This is the new information-age economy.

Talking On Internet

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Ola all good I come here to say to the vocs expensive expensive friends friends a little on the use of the Internet. I wait that it likes and we are opened all the type of commentary therefore this month all the articles of the site could be commented to the end of its article then case you wants to place some commentary or same to give some note regarding nssos articles it is the will. We go to start here speaking on the Internet. As all we have perceived we are very frequent to hear in such a way to say on the Internet as many good things as publication of research of growth of the Internet among others as pleasant things not very as crimes practised with the use of the Internet the calls virtual crimes or cibercrimes (way Internet Exists other terms to define the practised crimes). Before speaking on the use of the Internet we go here to be talking a little on the subject. The Internet nothing more is of what a computer network with world-wide reach but that this it subjects the rules of the real world. With the Internet we can develop all type of relationships DES of professional relationships where we can obtain to generate profits only using the Internet going until the personal relationships where we can develop friendships with other people. This wants to say that you can in such a way be speaking, being seen or same being listened in the case of colloquies with voice for its neighbor as she can also be speaking, being seen or being listened for people of the other side of the world. Beyond these possibilities also we have the detail of that when having access the Internet you can you will be being seen for other people then you can yourself be said that when you have access the Internet you this entering in a monitored net and other people goes to see everything oque you is making.

Social Service

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Not forgetting that in eight years members of the house of representatives can guarantee a retirement being enough to follow some requirements, good lesser what a worker ' ' normal' ' he needs to fulfill. Today with the advent of the Internet, of the use of vdeoconferncias in the judiciary one also, he would not be reasonable of to be used this way also between the Members of the house of representatives and Senators to diminish the expenditures with trips for Brasilia or its States? thus also to leave that each one of these politicians make politics of inside of its proper offices and not needing in such a way to perceive the highest wages to represent the people, representation this, many times forgotten as soon as installed it elect position. They could dislocate only one time for month until Brasilia to make a speech its projects and to guarantee support of its colleagues. With this technology that we possess in programs of computer, the example of the Brazilian federal prescription, the politicians could be folloied of house for any citizen and thus to be valued for the personal works of each one, in detriment of this people chose who it, would be one politics much more valued, therefore it would make for the people something that would like that they made for it, and this only for the will to make and not unchained for the patrimonial ascension, then would not need to declare its good in manchetes of periodicals therefore all profit would be through its proper profession. Adriana Teixeira Simoni Student of Social Service

Android Developer Tools

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The market of software for computers presents nowadays diverse options of software of recognition of images OCR (former.: OmniPage and ABBYY FineReader), however in the market of mobile devices we do not have as much options thus and the results are inferior to softwares for computers. The great majority of scanners is folloied of at least 1 program of Optic Recognition of Character, these techniques presents resulted satisfactory so that the archetype of the applicatory one is implemented. The diffusion and the incentive of the study of the Android platform and the implementation of applicatory in the academic community of the Unemat? Campus Bar of the Bugres, since the programming of applicatory for the Android platform is an unknown and pioneering project in the Campus. 5.FUNDAMENTAO THEORETICIAN 5.1Plataforma Android to implement the applicatory ones will be used compiler Eclipse IDE ndigo having it as surrounding of development. The Eclipse has access to all tools and API? s contained in the Kit of development Android SDK (Software Developer Kit) that it allows to program the most diverse types of applicatory for the Android Platform, but so that this functions the necessary Eclipse to use a complement, plugin ADT (Android Developer Tools) supplied gratuitously for google. The Android it was developed to speed up and to innovate the development of applicatory furniture the operational system Android, this platform contains 12 million line of codes being they 3 million in XML, 2,8 million lines in C, 2,1 million lines of Java code and 1,75 million lines of code in C++. For the manufacturers of cellular, this also was a great advantage, a time that is possible to use the operational system of the Android in its cellular ones without having that to pay therefore. Moreover, the license Apache Software Foundation (ASF) allows that alterations are effected in the code-source to create products customizados without needing to share the alterations with nobody LECHETA, 2010, p.25.

Car Switchboard

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We continue with the preparation of a motor, in this post we will speak of the electronic switchboard. This switchboard (we spoke of the one of the motor) is the one in charge to administer all the components that the yield of motor (times of injection, air volume etc) affects Therefore it is an element to consider to improve the benefits of our motor. Many companies are those that are dedicated to express the electronics of our switchboards they do since it? here the answer comes. Basically they vary the parameters that the manufacturer introduced to him to the car makes in it where I make this they do since it? well, generally these companies have several types of separated cartographies by specific models, connect our car to their computer and install the new cartography (like your you would install something in your PC) calm if we are soon not satisfied with the new cartography, can always be returned to put the one that we had of We must differentiate two types different from preparations.The cartography to gain power, we must here know clearly no matter how much they say in his announcements famous &quot to us; desire power and losses the consumption " by own experience in several cases this is lie, certain that power gains since the injectors are but open times but for this same reason the consumption is but But of this, apart from which the car will consume but (that it does not have to be one beats if what you look for it is extra power) is that the life of the components is reduced, to the injectors is demanded to them that they inject to but pressure, reason why all the components generally work over their standard (although always the manufacturers leave a margin) but you know clearly that the life utility of the motor will be reduced between 30000 and 50000 km In case " you pocket a ball " a diesel car, whenever you sink the pedal prepararos to leave behind you a black fog thick good. Another type of cartography that you can install is one economic to improve the consumption of your car, obvious you will lose something of power, your personal opinion will depend if slight the lost one of benefits is worth the trouble by the new consumption of your car.

The World Of The Advertising In The Brazilian Internet

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With the Internet, the advertising is not more only for companies who have great capital stocks to invest in the great medias, but opened a fan for all the physical companies and people to make advertising and to receive resulted certain. In the side of the relationship between publisher and advertiser, the traditional advertising puts the control on the advertisers defining the rules of the sales of the space for complains. With the advent the marketing of performance in the Internet the control passes to the publisher who determines the paid value for the result. The Brazilian market of advertising online still is very new and it does not know many instruments that go to revolutionize the world of the advertising. Another point important to be detached is that most of the web and advertising agencies (development of sites) not yet this ready to offer jeitinho Brazilian. The SEOBRA is the first agency of the exclusively dedicated Cear to the marketing in the sites of the search..

The Preliminary Analysis

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The relationship between processes and asset is factor of success in the process of Security of the Information. The used methodology can be divided in three parts: recognition, analysis and classification. The recognition collects all the information on the asset, whereas the analysis makes possible the identification the existing relationship, and the classification, as proper name suggests, verifies and classifies the type of threat. The general objective is the recovery of damages, guaranteeing the protection of the assets front the determined threats. A threat in potential directly affects the assets that more are displayed and this exposition is measured by the vulnerability degree. In such a way, the analysis of risks verifies each functional area of the organization, having to be analyzed to determine the risk in potential and the impact caused for the threats. The Analysis of Risks is the verification of the critical points that can come to present critical impediments during the determined execution of one objective one. Being able to pontuar the main methods of analysis of risks as preliminary analysis, analysis of the imperfection human being and the analysis of the imperfections and effect, and thus, bigger attention will be devotion the analysis of the imperfection human being, with the purpose to prevent the risks, as objective of this article.

The Preliminary Analysis of Risk can be considered as a carried through study superficially during the phase of conception or initial development of a new project or system, having the purpose to determine the possible risks that will be able to occur in the operational phase. It can be interpreted, therefore, as a qualitative initial analysis, be developed in the phase of project, planning and development of any process, or any product, having excellent importance in the inquiry of new systems of high innovation and/or little known. This phase ' ' preliminar' ' it offers to the results of an experience analyzing the risks and verifying if the project, or product, contains some irregularity or deficiency.

Safe Microfilm

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(Ibid., 1995, P. 1) According to Waters, ' ' the microfilming process was considered most efficient for document preservation in deterioration in bibliotecas' ' , because it is a durable support, ' ' since that stored in a controlled environment and that libraries and archives follow procedures and normalized specifications …. Moreover, the technology to have acessoao microfilm is steady and hardly it will suffer any alteration in futuro.' ' (WATERS, 2001, p 10). Process of photographic reproduction of high contrast, in black person and white, film of 35 mm, one determined reduction degree, in accordance with the size of the original. The microfilms today produced inside of the preservation specifications, in you leave silver and on the basis of polyester film, assumes quality of preservation. The excellent quality of resolution of one has photograph on a microfilmed is between 120 and 200 lines for millimeter.

If produced of adequate and kept form in preservation environment, the microfilm will be able to last up to 500 anos.6.1 advantages of the microfilm of preservaoO content is the safe one and kept in one it forms compacts the durable one, by means of a well established relatively simple technology and, therefore the reading of the microfilm requires only the use of equipment with light and lenses. Ally to this factor, one has photograph on a microfilmed of preservation allows to the permanent substitution of materials written or printed matters on papel8de low quality, that if finds in deterioration process. E, also, allows preservation it of originals, protecting them of the manuscript and propitiating the access to informao.6. 2 digitalizao a technology that codifies digitally in text or image form, for storage, transmission and recovery in half electronic. It optimizes the access, in comparison to the microfilm, therefore she uses the computers and available systems of net already. The allegiance of the digitalizao is total in the multiplication of the copies and offers resources adds of color and examined copies in paper.

Agile Methodology FDD

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A briefing study on agile methodology FDD Eduardo VergarCaletti1, Rafael the 1Acadmicos Vargas Bittencourt1 of the Course of Systems deInformao – Luterana University of Brazil (ULBRA) Waterfall of the South – RS – Brazil eduardocaletti@, Abstract.Agile methodology FDD (Feature Driven Development), is used in themanagement and development of softwares. This article will go you the show itsdescription, characteristics and functionalities. Practical This methodology combinesbest of the agile management of projects with completes it boarding forEngineering of Software guided will be objects, conquering the three main public ofa software project: customers, controlling and analysts. Summary. Metodologiagil FDD (Feature Driven Development), is used in the management and development of softwares.

This article to irmostrar its description, characteristics and functionalities. This metodologiacombina best the practical ones of the agile management of projects with complete umaabordagem for Engineering of Software guided for objects, conquistandoos three main public of one software project: customers, controlling edesenvolvedores. Keywords. Metodologiagil, FDD, Feature Driven Development, development, software, engineering desoftware, practical of the agile management. 1. Introduction the methodologies of agile development had appeared pelanecessidade of a bigger malleability in projects directed toward the area dedesenvolvimento of softwares. The majority of the agile methods tries to minimize osriscos for the developments of softwares in short periods, called deiterao, which they typically spend between one and four weeks. (SATO) Osplanos detailed is made only for the current phase of the project, while quepara the future phases are made only rough drafts, thus facilitating, possveismudanas as the involved team goes learning and using involved astecnologias better. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.

Possibilities Of Integration Of The Medias

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POSSIBILITIES OF INTEGRATION OF THE MEDIAS. Integration of the Technologies in the Context of the Classroom Altina Magalhes Coast In the daily one of children, adolescents and young the importance of the miditicas technologies is notable, therefore they are information sources above all that it occurs in the planet, therefore must be allied to the educational process as learning instruments, since, suggest significant changes to the individual and the society. To integrate the medias to the context of the classroom requires that the school mobilizes its faculty if to prepare for the efficient use of the laboratory of computer science in its practises daily of teach-learning. The faculty to take care of the requirements of the implantation of the available educational resources in the media in its practises educational necessary to know the language, the especificidades and the ways of use of each media and what each type of media can offer the educational process. It needs to know when, as and because to use it. The media is not the rescuer of the process and use that of it if makes can be maleficent or beneficial.

The professional of the necessary education to perceive the necessity to educate itself continuously to follow the dynamics of the present time, needs to acquire sense criticizes and conscience in the appropriation of its professional interests, so that she can place themselves, evaluate and plan its application in lesson. Thus seen, he must the professor present in this context disposal to study, capacity to dare, breaking with mooring cables of the traditionalism and to search partnership with the educandos and other educators, in the search for solutions and constructions. The appropriation of the use of the technologies for educandos and educators will take the same ones to know the experiences of existing use already, and will be able to generate new possibilities of its use in all the areas and levels of the knowledge. It is alone to invest that with certainty many paradigms will be broken.