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Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the Valley of Extremadura, where sits the Monterrey metropolitan area is a place surrounded by huge and beautiful mountains that latest dates you see opaqued by the huge amount of dust pollutants in the atmosphere. And are most powders produced by quarries that extract minerals with dynamite and that 5 years ago had to have been relocated outside the metropolitan area of Monterrey. But it is not. Monterrey is an imminently industrial city. The first mega factories that were installed as Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc, the Fundidora de Fierro, Vidriera Monterrey and tinplate and steel, Blade, settled on the banks of the then-fledgling city. Soon, the urban development hapless factories and normal and irregular settlements were established around the factories said it in passing, have invested billions of dollars in their processes of industrial restructuring to reduce polluting effects. Not so the quarries which are few and that contaminates indiscriminately the atmosphere of Monterrey. The downside of the matter is that it was already politicized the topic to assume a Deputy and Mayor of the municipality of Santa Catarina, both of the national action party defence of the environment, but inking environment of policy.

And parco is the Governor of the State, Jose Natividad Gonzalez Paras responds with a weak perhaps it is time that will, in allusion to the contaminants quarries. The case of the best so-called Governor of Nuevo Leon, Alfonso Martinez Dominguez who drove the quarries of the municipality of Monterrey and sent them far away, which reminds Santa Catarina where they now operate. But voracious, urban sprawl again engulfed the industry and the problem is now great. Already in the immediate past, Governor Fernando channels Clariond extended by five years over the operating licence of the mountains and hills. That deadline expired in 2006. But it is political from the current Governor Gonzalez Paras let go, let be. With a simple decree he would order.

But you have to see that entrepreneurs they are. Hence we see many things. Meanwhile, pollution consisting of particles smaller than 10 micrometers and up to 2.5 micrometers are harmful to health because they come direct to the alveoli of the lungs and can cause death. This Governor will be the coming year. And I doubt to do something about it. Difficult what carrier is establishing the legality amid a tangle of interests. Original author and source of the article.

Car Engines

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See also the car engine. Transmission (power transmission) transmits torque from the engine to the propeller, A. (wheels, caterpillars, etc.). Transmission can be: mechanical, electromechanical and hydro. The most common manual transmission, which usually consists of a clutch – clutch, making it possible to separate the short and smoothly connect the engine and subsequent arrangements transmission, gearbox, gear reducer step which you can edit in a broad range torque at the drive wheels (traction force) and to reverse; driveline – shafts joints that transmit torque from the gearbox to the main gear under varying angles between their shafts, final drive – gear reducer and are constantly improving the torque transmitted from the box transfers to the drive wheels, the differential – a mechanism that distributes torque from the main transmission between the drive wheels, so they rotate on the turns and bumps of the road with different angular speeds; shafts transmitting torque to the driven wheels. The main transmission performed previously in the form of a pair of bevel gears with straight teeth (the cargo aa in the form of two pairs – the cylindrical and conical), made with helical teeth or with hypoid gearing. With a transverse engine main transmission is done in the form of cylindrical gears.

A. On some all-terrain or heavy-duty use separated main gears in the form of the central cone gear and side (wheel) gear (pair of cylindrical gears with external or internal gears, planetary gear). The most promising stepless transmission, which is much easier to manage, improve ride comfort and cross-transmission of A.

Overheated Engine

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Independent ways of dealing with overheated engine. The cause of overheating may be leaking into the cooling system can lead to very serious consequences. What you need to know and carry with them to address problems in road? Many travel only pay attention to the speedometer, but one of the most important on the instrument panel – a pointer to the engine coolant temperature. Often it is not equipped with a signal that would warn about exceeding the allowable regime. And if not periodically glance at it, you'll learn about the incident only to have a sharp smell of antifreeze and a pair of zakipevshego from under the hood.

When the coolant starts to boil, steam is produced in the system, which prevents the normal process of cooling the power plant, then the temperature starts to rise and the engine overheats. A few minutes away from an overheated engine can, for example, jam band with piston rods cliff or deformed cylinder head. By overheating serviceable engine, as a rule, result in a "trifle" – cheap and elementary replacement parts, the main thing – time to notice the problem. In vehicles equipped with electric fan motor can cause overheating serve by him. Although the fan itself is reliable and rarely break, in contrast to its management. The scheme of the fan is this: when the temperature coolant rises to the limit, the probe, washed it, is closed and includes a fan control relay. If not, you must first diagnose the fuse.

Engineering Ferdinand Porsche

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Was awarded the title Doctor of the Stuttgart Academy of Engineering Ferdinand Porsche in 1929, retaining for himself the post of Daimler, and is even technical director of another legendary producer – Austrian firm motostroitelnoy Shtayer, engines and which still uses the whole of Europe, including and the Russian car industry (eg, truck GAZ set it shtayerovskie diesel). A favorite of dictators Jobs venerable firms did not meet Ferdinand Porsche and in 1931 he created his own design office. Commissioned by various companies Porsche develop engines and vehicles. Especially productive was the cooperation with a competitor Mesredesa, Auto Union concern. Porsche racing cars of those years not only beat the record of its time, but still amazing imagination. Sports car rear-type A, built to order Auto-Union with an engine capacity 4360 cc power developed almost 300 hp and car accelerates to 250 km / h. The next record porshevsky car, type C, with a 6-liter engine has capacity of 520 hp At the time of arrival record in 1938, the machine speed has reached 436 km / h! Creating a sports car was not the only focus of the Porsche design office.

Ferdinand did not allow easy laurels of its overseas counterparts, Henry Ford made the automobile affordable for the masses. Porsche ideas fell on fertile ground – who ruled at that time Germany Adolf Hitler demanded that the German car industry to create People's Car, and a contest for the future VW. The winning design an Austrian by birth of Ferdinand Porsche and was appointed technical director of the company, the design capacity of only one site which was 250 thousand cars per year! Evil tongues, there was talk that the success of Porsche, who had no German citizenship, was due to personal sympathy on the part of the Fuhrer.

Engine Powerplant

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An Engine power plant should have the following characteristics: Enhanced braking system, stability, delay, stability, increasing the thickness of brake pads, high yield, improved braking characteristics. Can be combined with systems of ABS / ASR. Frame for a truck heavy class HOWO 7 series uses the frame of stainless steel, high strength, low weight, high resistance to stress. Broad front frame, behind a narrow (in front of 1000 mm, rear 850 mm). All sites have a frame control openings. Mounting holes are made with high accuracy.

Height of center of gravity of the vehicle lowered, increased stability. The frame expands to create a specialized machinery to the chassis of the truck. Engine Powerplant heavy-duty truck HOWO 7 series – is the engine of the advanced level among employed on trucks in China. Power is 266-420 PS, power distribution box on the gear ratios is the management, covering power of the engine speed widest, tallest traction, the best efficiency, exhaust complies with Euro-2, after finishing meets Euro-3. Main Features: – well-designed system of inlet and outlet provides a comprehensive improvement of the supply system of fuel mixture and exhaust gases. Reduced resistance of pipelines, significantly increased resource engine, fully reduced fuel consumption.

The design of the intake tract prevents rain water ducts, radically solve the problem of water entering the engine. Used air filter tiered dust removal for high-grade air purification. – Excellent reliability. Key engine components – products known world producers, heavily loaded parts are strengthened and improved, the highest the degree of increased reliability of assembly and increased the mileage service.

German Electrical Engineers

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Cable brand NYM – a modern type of power cable, designed for mounting on the European standard electrical wiring. This type of cable, came to us from the West. Along with evrootdelkoy, renovated and there is a need to 'Evrorazvodke' electricity. The cable is designed for use in industrial and municipal facilities for permanent mounting of power (overt and covert) indoors and outdoors. Cable has excellent appearance and quality. NYM cable design as follows: single-wire (with cross sections from 1.5 to 10mm2) or stranded (from 16 to 35mm2) copper conductor. Number of conductors from 1 to 7.

In fact, this cable with three protective insulating layers, since in addition to the usual design NYM PVC insulation is used, an additional layer of padding to give you a round cable. Also used as a filling uncured rubber compound (RF Patent 2225651 of the right holder 'Electrocable' Kolchugino ') has a high oxygen index, which increases fire safety cable, has no hygroscopicity and the filling of a tire is a barrier to moisture inside the cable, which is especially important if it is cutting in an environment with high humidity, and if damage occurs membranes and cable insulation in service. The outer casing is made from NYM-extinguishing flexible PVC plastic. Vein isolation have different colors, which not only meets the standards, but also very easy to install. NYM cable is available in German standard DIN VDE (Association of German Electrical Engineers standards) and developed technical specifications (TU).

What's the difference? NYM cable requirements are governed by regulations of TU, established by State standards. GOST 23 286 set the nominal values of insulation thickness and the shell and minimum tolerances for these values. On cable, manufactured according to DIN, regulated only the mean value of insulation and sheath, which should not be lower than nominal, with the exception no minimum. This can be illustrated with an example.

Engineer Agronomist

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All day is day of some thing. has day that it is day of some thing and when people go to see have another thing of that day is day. But it does not stop there. The months also enter in this wave. To only have an idea, the catholics consider August as month of the vocations; September as month of the bible, October month of the missions.

And so on. It perceives, therefore, that we have one I do not know what! for the commemorative dates. E, perhaps therefore, has date that it is date of more than a thing. To only illustrate this we go to look at for the October month. It looks at back in its calendar: day 4 of October! This is the day of the Nature; of the Barman; of the Dog; of the Poet; of San Francisco de Assis. Another day of October: day 12! It only sees, is day of Ours Mrs. Aparecida, the Child; of the Atletismo; of the Engineer Agronomist; of the Sea; of the Discovery of America; of the Insurance broker. And so on, each day is day of some thing.

E, as we are seeing to the times, with more than a thing per day. In the way of all these dates have the day of the professor: 15 of October. But it is not alone of the professor who day 15 is day. Beyond the professor, day 15 is day of the Marriage of the Isabel princess with conde D' I (1864); of the Creation of the National Astroroof (1827); of the National Education; of the Normalista; of the Ambient Educator. E, evidently, day of the professor. Where we go to stop with this? In the day of the professor. It is that, since has day pra everything, it has the day of the professor.

USSR Engines

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Maps of measurement in the engines of the type of fault detection nvd 36, nvd 36-I: developed on the basis of proprietary design drawings, operating instructions for the engine, an album of drawings of spare parts is available from the Baltic TSPKB and practice operation and maintenance of these engines. Cards contain information on the measurement of nominal and maximum allowable contributions in service and gaps in the ship's machinery and engine parts. In addition, given the individual specific instructions on how to perform fault detection, background size, etc. In determining data gaps and wear with the release of the main engine or marine diesel generator of maintenance should be follow the instruction on the definition of the technical condition of ships. approved by order of the Minister of the Navy from number 58 26.03.62g. At 24 and 26 of Section III instructions stated: 'Assessment of technical condition of' good ' installed on-board mechanisms that meet the requirements of the Rules of the Register of the USSR and other classification societies, are serviceable, reliable in operation, passed all tests in found unfit for safe operation. Wear of parts and components shall not exceed 80% of the maximum allowable.

" Maximum allowable contribution should be considered as the wear limit, installed by the builders of the instructions and the form of engines, the rules of technical operation of marine diesel engines, as well as the data presented in these maps. In the case of a factory ship repair, and when combined with the regular maintenance four-year examination of the classification should be possible clearance in the joints and deviations from the engine geometry parts and components to result in nominal values. Such matters are subject to agreement with the shipowner, taking into account the expected duration of the engine without putting on the factory repair. Norms beats surfaces in the 'maximum permissible to use' do not include deviations from the geometric shape. Maps of measurement recommended for use in fault detection engines during repair of their factories, as well as prophylactic dissection and repair work carried out in operation. Account cylinders, bearings, journals and others in the measurement of the maps adopted by the flywheel. For the record, before and after repair using the same card (cross out the unnecessary record!)

POS System Many Features

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Cash registers are still up to date – or simply a good PC? When using a conventional PC in conjunction with a POS software, there were previously some surprises. The function of keyboard and mouse were prone to errors, caused by E.g. humidity and crumble. Also a too high power consumption made to create the restaurateurs. In the age of the touchscreen, such obstacles however belong to the past. eve this success. This keyboard and mouse have become obsolete. Even people who have never used a PC after a short training period with the POS system are familiar with the ease of use.

Thanks to improved power supplies and ventilation systems, many PCs have become now guest-red auglich. Another advantage of PC POS systems is the independence of the Office suppliers. Since only the software to install is less costs. Problems are easy and quickly resolved, often the next day. The calculator of the danger of a virus attack spared by a remote maintenance via phone. Who low requirements at his Office provides and on invoice splitting or insert changes places no value, is still well served with the cash register. The purely PC-based POS system is ideal for budget travellers with more space.

It is as robust as a compact cash register, but with much more features. About PosBill :, more than 15 years of experience speaks for itself. The PosBill GmbH offers worldwide customer POS software and systems to be touched”- for gastronomy, hotel business, trade. Sounds complicated? How about this: A fund that is simple to set up and use, makes it easier for you to the daily work and lots of money, saves time and nerves! Sounds like music to your ears? What are you waiting for then try our PosBill products simply get more information out: PosBill catering – the efficient point-of-sale and gastro management system PosBill trade – the cross-sector POS system PosBill – mobile radio funds ResiGo – free hotel software you want a contact person, the you without marketing bla Bla”answered all the questions? PosBill GmbH Brunnengasse 4 56355 Eagles b Udo Finkbeiner (switchboard) Tel. + 49 (0) 6776/959100

Systematic Human Resource Planning Ensures

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A qualification matrix creates significant benefits for human resource planning in times of economic turbulence, which are characterized by alternating highs and lows, comes to a central role of the human resource planning in companies. Any change in a company almost inevitably has implications for manpower. In addition, qualified staff is increasingly scarce and it often happens that jobs remain vacant longer. The human resource planning includes determining future staffing requirements through planning of target employees and the development of job profiles. In terms of the planning horizon, long-term, medium-term or short-term planning are distinguished in the human resource planning.

From a long-term planning is spoken usually only from a period of more than three years. Planning results of long-term planning should be doing relatively preliminary, because the assumptions are almost always change over time. As medium-term plans between one and three years are referred to. Also in this case it is still comparatively rough planning. The short-term planning refers to a period of up to one year. This planning horizon is often included in a quantitative and qualitative planning, which can be broken down to individual point down. \”\” The staffing is divided into the forms quantitatively \”and high\”, which carry out synchronous however are in entrepreneurial practice. Quantitative personnel requirements to determine the number of persons by age and sex, which are required for the fulfilment of tasks at a certain date and for a certain duration.

The quantitative human resource planning can be either past-oriented or forward-looking. The past-oriented approach based on statistical empirical values and will assume that they are transferred to the future development can be. Methods of this approach are such as trend extrapolation, regression and correlation calculations, or economic Models. The future-oriented approach uses expert interviews, the Delphi method, or even the scenario technique. The objective of the qualitative human resource planning is to determine the knowledge, abilities and skills, the staff in the future short, must have the medium – or long-term planning horizon up to a.